2015 Leo Horoscope

Leo 2015 Yearly Horoscope

An exclusive excerpt from The AstroTwins’ 2015 Planetary Planner:

Welcome to the year of YOU, Leo. Truly, you could own 2015, as you come into your power like a big cat waking up from a 20-hour nap, ready to stalk and pounce. Why are you so fierce and on fire? Well, expansive Jupiter is spending 13 months in Leo, rebooting your whole life and showering you with opportunities to give, grow and share your special light with the world.


Jupiter first entered Leo on July 16, 2014, so your dynamic turnaround should be well underway by the time the calendar flips. The planet of luck, enthusiasm and abundance will be here until August 11, 2015, and the world is your stage. Take advantage, because Jupiter only visits Leo every 12 years. Since Jupiter entered your sign, many Leos have already become ubiquitous fan favorites. You can’t pass a fashion billboard without seeing the heavy eyebrows and lioness stare of Leo model Cara Delevingne. From singers Demi Lovato and Charli XCX to actress Jennifer Lawrence to supermodel (and healthy cookie maker!) Karlie Kloss, younger celebs of your sign are enjoying a meteoric ascent.

What we love about Leos, too, is that you never go out of style. As Jupiter roves through the lush, interstellar jungle, Leos such as Jennifer Lopez and Madonna are showing the timeless trendsetting gifts of your sign. Your sign has no problem spanning generations OR genres. On television, Leo actress Lisa Kudrow of Friends fame is soaring with a redux of her HBO solo show titled, fittingly, The Comeback. (Don’t call it a comeback—they’ve been here for years.) We’re certain the Leo hit list goes on.


The news gets even better, because Venus, planet of harmony, personal magnetism and romance, will spend four months in Leo, from June 5-October 8. As IF you needed more galactic glitter, Leo—but you’re getting it anyhow. Venus and lucky Jupiter will also make two amazing conjunctions (meetups) on July 1 and August 4, and one with sexy Mars in Leo on September 1. The only drawback is that Venus will be retrograde (backward) in Leo from July 31-September 6. So if you need to dip out of the limelight, plan to do it then. Other than that, enjoy playing the bon vivant.

This is your time to experiment boldly, to explore a few avenues before settling on any one direction. You can pick a lane after August 11, when Jupiter moves into Virgo, your second house of security, work and daily routine, where it will stay until September 9, 2016. Although it sounds far less glamorous than having Jupiter in your sign, it can be a wonderful year that brings thrilling job opportunities (sometimes from afar, as Jupiter loves to travel), a surge in self-confidence—and for many people, a stable relationship that consummates with a trip down the aisle.

There’s another reason 2015 feels lighter for you. Challenging Saturn, the planet of maturity, structure and restriction, has finally departed Scorpio and your fourth house of roots and foundations. Plans to move, start a family, Saturn was in Scorpio from October 2012 until December 23, 2014, weighing its heavy anchor in matters of home, family and emotional security. Plans to move or sell real estate may have been slowed down by cautious Saturn.

The ringed planet also loads our backs with responsibility. You may have become a parent (or grandparent, since Saturn rules older relatives), taken care of an elderly relative or taken on family expenses (home ownership, school tuition, etc.). Your mother or a female relative may have been central to some of the more difficult or weighty aspects of this two-year cycle. Some Leos may have lost a beloved matriarch (we know several Leos whose mothers passed away with Saturn here), or a nurturing BFF may have moved away.

Now, Saturn is in Sagittarius, your friendly fellow fire sign, until December 19, 2017. At a gentle and opportune trine (120-degree angle) to your Leo Sun, Saturn will act more like a helpful mentor than a domineering authority figure. Saturn is now in your fifth house of love, fertility and creativity. Maybe it’s time to get serious about an artistic talent, working with an agent, showing your masterpieces in a gallery, entering a film festival with your short. Your romantic choices could become more thoughtful and restrained now, too—with Saturn here, you’re choosing quality over quantity. Thinking of having a child? Saturn could make it a little harder to get pregnant, likely because Saturn is testing your readiness.

Two sets of eclipses this year will reshuffle the status quo, breaking up anything stagnant in your life. Brace yourself for some game-changing news at the April 4 Libra total lunar eclipse, or perhaps an opportunity to collaborate with a synergistic soul. Publishing, travel and entrepreneurship are the focus at the September 27 Aries total lunar eclipse. Grab the megaphone, Leo!

A new two-year eclipse series on the Virgo/Pisces axis begins this year. These new moon solar eclipses (on March 20 and September 13) will touch the financial houses of your solar chart, which could bring new career opportunities. Between now and 2017, these eclipses will reshape the way you earn, spend, save, budget and invest. Your lifestyle may change a few times, right-sizing itself to allow you to pursue your passions, and to make a good living doing so.


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