2015 Scorpio Horoscope

Scorpio 2015 Yearly Horoscope

An exclusive excerpt from The AstroTwins’ 2015 Planetary Planner:

Free at last! The shackles that you’ve been wearing for the last two years have finally fallen away, Scorpio. Weighty Saturn, which was in your sign from October 5, 2012 until December 23, 2014, has finally left Scorpio, after a long reinvention tour. This transit, Scorpio, has not been easy. Saturn is the zodiac’s personal trainer planet, and it tests your limits in order to make you stronger. The good news? After weathering Saturn’s trials, you could now be more self-assured and unstoppable than ever—much like the out-of-shape person who amazes herself by running a 5K. Getting there was grueling, but now, nothing really seems impossible. Or, as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


Saturn only visits your sign every 28-30 years, and its presence prepares you for a new 28-year life cycle. (Prior to this, Saturn was last in Scorpio from 1985-88.) The tough part of hosting Saturn in your own sign? Only the most resilient structures survive its rigorous inspections. If a career path or relationship wasn’t hardy enough to withstand Saturn’s push for integrity, it may have collapsed like a flimsy building in an earthquake. There could have been a period (likely when Saturn crossed the same degree as your Sun) when you felt depressed, exhausted or pressed to the brink. You may even have gone through an identity crisis. That was Saturn’s way of forcing you to strip away the non-essentials: people, projects and property that drained your time, money and energy. Again, NOT easy!


There’s no question, Scorpio: you’ve faced your darkest hour. But guess what? You survived. Still, you may not realize the strength you’ve gained—at least, not yet. And to be honest, some Scorpios are still recovering from Saturn’s visit, especially those born in the later November dates of the sign. Saturn pushed you to prioritize, so if you took on too much, you may have felt the strain on your health and overall vitality. Saturn will make one final visit to Scorpio from June 14-September 17 this year, then it won’t return for another 30 years or so. (Can we get an amen?) Scorpios born from November 19-22 will feel this summer transit the most.

In the aftermath of any Saturn-induced demolition, there could be new building to start now. In 2015, your life could resemble a construction site, with cranes arriving to begin breaking ground. From now until December 19, 2017, Saturn is in Sagittarius, your second house of work, daily routines and material security. It’s time to map the new-and-improved Scorpio 2.0 into tangible form—perhaps a new career path, a business venture, or just a new set of grounding habits and practices (eating clean, meditating daily et. al.).

Saturn is the planet of restriction, so there could be moments when money and resources are a little tight (or even a lot). The key with Saturn is not to rush. There’s no cutting corners. You may have to pay your dues or work your way up to a certain level before getting your payoff. The good thing about Saturn: it DOES handsomely reward those who tough it out. So by the time Saturn leaves Sagittarius, you could be more solvent and financially secure than ever before. (Read more about Saturn in Sagittarius here: www.astrostyle.com/saturn-in-sagittarius.)

Boosting this money mojo, you have lucky Jupiter in Leo, your tenth house of career, public acclaim and success, from July 16, 2014 until August 11, 2015. Jovial Jupiter is sober Saturn’s opposite—or should we say, counterforce. Where Saturn is the zodiac’s Grinch, Jupiter is its Santa Claus, the harbinger of boundless possibilities, luck and expansion. You don’t have to do anything but be in the right place at the right time, with an ounce or two of enthusiasm (leave the Scorpio death stare at home), and BOOM—opportunity falls in your lap.

Jupiter only visits this ambitious zone of your chart every 12 years (it was last in Leo from roughly September 2002-September 2003), so the career outlook for much of 2015 is pretty stellar, especially in the first eight months. On August 11, Jupiter will move into Virgo and your eleventh house of networking, groups and technology until September 9, 2016. This is a golden era for your social life, and digital ventures and collaborations. No person is an island—not even you, Scorpio—and later in the year, teamwork is the ticket.

Meantime, the year’s four landscape-shifting eclipses will reshape your romantic and social life, as well as your health sectors. An ongoing pair of total lunar (full moon) eclipses in Libra (April 4) and Aries (September 27) highlights your well-being, health habits and spirituality. These eclipses have been gradually but permanently reshaping your approach to self-care and subconscious exploration since 2012, and will continue to do so until March 2016.

A new eclipse series begins this year on the Virgo/Pisces axis, which will run until 2017. The two solar eclipses here will have a milder effect than the aforementioned duo, as they will touch down in your house of romance (March 20) and group activity (September 13). The March eclipse, which is also a supermoon, could bring a pregnancy, new love or a fresh start to romance. A collaborative or digital venture gains traction at the September partial solar eclipse.


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