2015 Taurus Horoscope

Taurus 2015 Yearly Horoscope

An exclusive excerpt from The AstroTwins’ 2015 Planetary Planner:

Enter the bull! As the calendar turns to 2015 and the clock strikes midnight, the moon is in Taurus in most parts of the world. You’re feeling full of hope and enthusiasm, ready to charge into the new year and tackle a personal goal with gusto. Savor this confidence surge and take a moment to capture a few resolutions or intentions. While you’re this clear-headed (endless champagne toasts and day-after hangover notwithstanding), it’s a perfect time to hone in on your most heartfelt desires. Raise your glass and declare them to the universe, Taurus!


Some of those wishes could get especially personal this year. 2015 is a sentimental time for you, because two trendsetting planets, Jupiter and Saturn, spend much of the year in emotional, water-ruled houses of your chart. You’ve “got the feels,” o’ practical Taurus, and it could be a departure from your usual steadfast M.O. Give in to the love, would ya? Yes, it’s great that you have goals, action steps and success measures—but your emotional intelligence needs to be as strong as your resume and project management savvy. Invest some energy into your inner life now, and your material reality will only grow stronger. As the saying goes: as within, so without.

Home, family and emotional foundations have been a central theme since July 16, 2014, when expansive Jupiter entered Leo and your domestic zone for a 13-month visit. Jupiter burrows into this deeply personal sector of your chart until August 11, 2015, turning your attention to your loved ones and your nest. The fourth house rules women, so an inspiring female could open windows of opportunity (and doors…and fortress gates). Your mother or a female relative could also figure into events during this cycle, too. If the two of you have been locked in an outworn parent-child dynamic, or haunted by an old grudge, Jupiter will help you evolve into a more reciprocal rapport.

Jupiter is all about growth and taking risks in the name of personal evolution. During the first eight months of 2015, you could buy or sell a home, expand your family (Jupiter could bring a pregnancy or a pet adoption) or make a remarkable change to your lifestyle. Since travel is Jupiter’s domain, you might relocate to a new area, or spend so much time in a “second city” that it begins to feel like home. Enterprising Jupiter could also inspire you to launch a home-based business, possibly a venture that serves families and/ or women.


Meantime, structured Saturn continues to reshape your relationships—which it’s been doing since October 2012. That’s when maturity planet Saturn entered your opposite sign of Scorpio, bringing important (though sometimes painful) learning experiences to your closest interactions. In fact, you could say that you’ve been in partnership boot camp, separating the serious contenders from those who couldn’t go the distance. You may have faced important challenges in a business or romantic relationship, possibly parting ways or doing the hard work to strengthen your foundation for the long haul.

Under Saturn’s reign, if you step up to the challenge, you’ll reap the rewards. Even notorious Taurus bachelor George Clooney got married under Saturn in Scorpio (which, we must brag, we predicted back in 2012 in the New York Daily News).

Now, Saturn plunges headfirst into even more intimate waters, pushing you deeper into permanent bonding and strategic alliance. From December 23, 2014 until December 19, 2017, Saturn will visit Sagittarius, your eighth house of joint ventures, sex, shared resources and emotional intertwining. Your next area of growth could center around sharing power and control—especially with money, property and your most vulnerable feelings. There’s no getting out of anything easily now, Taurus, so before you ink your name to any deals, marriage licenses, deeds, and so on, recognize that agreements made now are truly legal and binding. (Read more about Saturn in Sagittarius here: www.astrostyle.com/saturn-in-sagittarius.)

The year’s change-making eclipses also teach you a thing or two about letting people in—and weeding others out. A new eclipse series begins on the Virgo/Pisces axis that could bring new romance or friendships into your sphere. Circle the March 20 solar eclipse for a powerful new collaboration, possibly one that involves technology. New love or a ripe romantic chapter could unfold at the September 13 solar eclipse in Virgo, your fifth house of passion and fertility.

Love will actually be a dominant theme for you starting August 11, when bountiful Jupiter spins into Virgo until September 9, 2016, kicking off a year of lusty escapades. Get ready for some thrilling adventures of the heart—possibly a long-distance romance or a revival of the honeymoon phase for steady couples. The fifth house rules pleasure, play and creativity, so welcome the muse, as you could be inspired to share your talents and just spend more time savoring the good life. After a more sedentary or homebound year, you’re ready to get out and paint the town. Viva Taurus!

The other two eclipses in 2015 will touch your zones of health and healing, helping you distinguish between fact and fantasy. These total lunar eclipses fall in Libra, your sixth house of fitness and organization (on April 4) and Aries (on September 27), your twelfth house of spirituality, endings and recovery. If you’ve been battling with emotional blocks or an addictive pattern, these two boundary-busting eclipses will give you a big push to break free of these barriers. This is never easy for your creature-of-habit sign, and it can take a force as mighty as an eclipse to incite such change. Out with the old—and in with a new Taurus order!


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