2016 Horoscopes and Planetary Planner

The AstroTwins’ 2016 Planetary Planner is here to guide you through the year. Don’t miss a single opportunity!

Fellow astro-obsessors! The AstroTwins’ 2016 Planetary Planner series gives your must-have annual scoop on love, life, career, health, family and your most important power dates. Includes bonus Numerology & Year of the Monkey sections.

Now available as a big book with all 12 signs, or as 12 smaller guides for your sign only. Your choice!

 Each sign’s chapter is divided into sections for love, money/career and health. Chapters are organized with key dates highlighted, so you can easily plan your year by the planets, finding optimum times for everything that matters! (Scroll down the page to read a preview.)

Please note: The 2016 Planetary Planner & Horoscope Guides are available as ebooks only (PDF format). You can read them on any computer, phone or device.

The guides are also available in Kindle format on Amazon.com and iBooks format in the Apple Store.

Also in the Planetary Planner…

2016-pagesPinWhen are your power cycles for love and money? When should you lay low or just stay in bed? Each month is mapped out with Hotspot dates for love and career.

Bonus Numerology & Year of the Monkey Sections

Special feature sections by guest experts Felicia Bender (The Practical Numerologist) and Suzanne White (The New Astrology).


2016 horoscopePin

Your 2016 Horoscope, Sign by Sign:


The big picture: What’s in the stars for all of us in 2016?

plant-succulentPinExcerpted from the 2016 Planetary Planner:

Paging all humans: Mother Earth needs your attention. In 2016, two of the outer planets—Jupiter and Pluto—will spend much, if not all, of the year in rooted earth signs. Because outer planets are slow-moving, they shape the big-picture trends, setting the tone for how history unfolds. With earth signs in charge, we’ll feel the call for more structure, streamlining and prioritizing.

Expansive Jupiter is in orderly Virgo from August 11, 2015 until  September 9, while transformational Pluto hits the halfway mark in its 16-year tour of Capricorn. Jupiter and Pluto will form two rare and potent trines (120-degree angles of harmony) this year—on March 16 and June 26—awakening the collective consciousness to the need for a seismic change. With all this earthy energy from above, our attention will be drawn to issues such as the environment, wellness, healthcare, climate change and sustainability. Forget about orange; green is the new black in 2016. Ways of living, eating, socializing and working that were relevant even a decade ago have become outmoded—and 2016 is all about redesigning a world that fits our enlightened and informed new attitudes. The plummeting food industry is a great example of this, as monoliths like McDonald’s and Kraft scramble to redesign their menus, offer gluten-free and “natural” options or acquire brands once relegated to small health-food shops.

plant-paintingPinFueling this sweeping reform, structured Saturn kicks off its first full year in outdoorsy and global Sagittarius, reminding us that “climate change” doesn’t just happen in a bubble. No longer will it be enough to complain about record heatwaves (and the ensuing wildfires in places like Alaska), polar vortex winters and other disturbing trends. System-wide lifestyle changes and policies will likely start going into effect this year. We may also see exciting innovations, such as new energy and heating sources, a rise of urban farming and better sustainability programs, especially since Saturn will travel in a close trine with revolutionary Uranus, the planet of science, technology and invention, from January-March and November-December. Get ready for some powerful inventions that will have a lasting and long-term impact on society, perhaps related to solar power and renewable energy.

Since Jupiter rules publishing, a forward thinker may come out with a brilliant book or viral video, inspiring practical new ways to live in sync with nature. Urban commuting could also get an overhaul. Futurists are already buzzing about the concept of “robocars” (or driverless cars). Last year, former Vice President Al Gore (an Aries) and Mexican President Felipe Calderon (a Leo) proposed a $90 trillion plan to redesign every city on earth so that cars would become obsolete due to more dense populations. While that would obviously take years to pull off, this year’s planets will open up serious dialogue about how to sustain and maintain life on our planet.

Smart is also sexy now. In 2016, the stars invite us to sharpen our mental acuity and powers of observation. The hallowed stacks of a gorgeous library could also beckon, as reading actual text and books could make a “retro” comeback. With both Jupiter and Saturn in bookish, knowledge-seeking signs, 2016 is the Year of the Nerd. Viva la geek! (We’re tempted to make it French-girl chic and start spelling it “gique.”)   

Getting back into nature—and doing our part to preserve it—could become a #trending topic. Thanks to Jupiter’s run through flamboyant Leo until August 2015, our carbon footprint may be in the shape of a Louboutin stiletto—but it’s still a mammoth one. Last year, it became no big deal t, say, drop $12 on a cold-pressed juice. In 2016, we may rally for those juice bars to offer recycling bins or glass containers. First-world problems to be sure, but ones that can become the whole planet’s issue.

If 2015 was a sultry siren, 2016 is a bit of a schoolmarm, pursing her lips and issuing clucks of disapproval about the wasteful world we live in. We’ll need to remember to climb off our preachy soapboxes and walk our own talk. Cleaning up our own corner of the world is, after all, the best place to start.

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