How To Start 2016 Strong: Your Horoscope Resolutions

Ding ding! It’s January and 2016 is upon us. Maybe you’ve got a ten-page list of New Year’s resolutions…and maybe you can’t even come up with ten words to string together for your #2016goals. One of our favorite websites, The New Potato, asked us to come up with resolutions for every zodiac sign in 2016, so we created some ideas tailored to this year’s stars.

Instead of resolutions, we decided to call our suggestions “practices” this year. After all, the word “resolution” breaks down to re-solution…to solve again. And if we’re solving the same problem yet another time, that begs the question: Why didn’t that problem go away last year, or the year before?

But maybe that’s the stubborn nature of humanity. We have to keep tackling our issues from new angles, taking a deeper cut, learning more about ourselves. With Mercury turning retrograde today, it’s a great time to return to past matters with a new attitude!

Read our New Year’s resolutions/practices for every sign on >


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