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Passion, mystery and intrigue—oh my! The air is perfumed with seduction in 2016 as supersizer Jupiter slinks through Virgo and your eighth house of intimacy, eroticism and transformational breakthroughs until September 9. Take a plunge into the deep end of the pool! Coasting along with that cool, casual, comedic vibe is not an option now. In 2016, you’ll radar in on a few key relationships that you want to develop, then, give them your all.

Your urge to merge is insatiable. What happens behind closed doors could be awe-inspiring, but it shouldn’t be public domain.

Privacy, please! While the camera loves an Aquarius, Jupiter in your eighth house demands discretion. What happens behind closed doors could be awe-inspiring this year, but it shouldn’t be public domain. From mindblowing tantric makeouts to joint ventures signed with permanent ink, your urge to merge is insatiable. When it comes to love you won’t settle for less than a soulmate—one who can follow up a good Fifty Shades escapade with intellectually stimulating pillow talk. Loyalty is essential as Jupiter could exacerbate jealousy and trust issues. Amorous Venus tours Aquarius TWICE in 2016—from February 18 to March 13 and again from December 8-31—extending the Valentine’s Day vibes. Coupled Aquarians could buy property together, put a ring on it, or finally head to couples’ therapy to dissolve the deeper blocks between them. Hint: resentment, secrecy, or unspoken expectations may be the troublemakers to attack.

Saturn, on the other hand, is parked in your teamwork zone until December 2017, bringing solid support from a community. You could take on a leadership role within an organization or finally commit to member status. Although you’ve “never met a stranger,” tighten up the radius of your inner circle and be more selective about who you label a true friend. The eleventh house is the tech sector of the zodiac wheel and geek is chic in 2016. This Saturn cycle could bring profits from an online business, app, or even a scientific invention. Go-getter Mars spends four months in Scorpio and your ambitious tenth house (from January 3-March 5 and May 29-August 3) making you quite the tycoon. You’ll be fired up about pursuing professional goals and could even lure an investor to put dollars behind your dreams. Just make sure your competitive energy doesn’t veer into cutthroat terrain. On September 9, Jupiter heads into Libra and your ninth house of entrepreneurship, expansion and higher education. As 2016 winds down you could file for an LLC, set up a crowdfunding campaign, enroll in a degree program or teacher training. Motivator Mars tours Aquarius from November 8 to December 19 giving an extra push to “do you.”

2016’s only new moon in Aquarius galvanizes the skies on February 8, a powerful date for planting seeds, initiating contact with people, or taking a chance on your dreams. You’ll have six months to tend to your crops before the harvest comes during the full moon in Aquarius on August 18. PS: This full moon is an “appulse eclipse,” meaning it skirts VERY close to being a bona fide eclipse but falls just a tiny bit short. As a result, the rewards you reap could be more bountiful and even surprising in August. And just wait—on August 7, 2017, the Aquarius full moon WILL be a real deal lunar eclipse, helping you leap into an even bigger league.

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