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Wax on, wax off, Aries grasshopper. In 2016, you’re learning the power of a routine, and the strength that comes from disciplined development. While progress might not happen overnight, the small steps you take ARE adding up so trust in the process. These lessons come courtesy of expansive Jupiter, who is parked in Virgo and your sixth house of work and healthy living until September 9. Freelancing Rams may file for an LLC or take a “real job” for stability’s sake. Adopt a more minimalist lifestyle: clean and green are your keywords this year. A series of eclipses galvanize the health and healing zones of your chart too, furthering your desire to downsize, detox and destroy the demons of addiction or unhealthy habits. Is the ivory tower calling your name—perhaps in a new corner of the world? Structured Saturn is parked in Sagittarius and your ninth house of education and travel until December 2017. Apply for that degree program in London or even an online university’s specialized training if it will put you in a new pay grade—or on a more fulfilling path.

Downsize, detox and destroy the demons of unhealthy habits.

On September 9, magnanimous Jupiter moves into Libra and your partnership zone for a year. Relationships become your raison d’etre so partner up for pleasure, business or a creative collaboration. Your tastes could turn to the unconventional or the cross-cultural as Jupiter opens your mind to people who break from the standard type. Long-distance relationships are possible too come September. Not that you have to wait until then to get your love on. On March 23, a Libra lunar eclipse could bring in a proposal…one with a sparkling ring or a plum contract. (Lawyer up!) Amorous Venus visits Aries from April 6-May bringing a rush of spring fever too. And your ruling planet Mars spends nearly half the year in Scorpio and your erotic eighth house (from January 3 to March 5 and again from May 29 to August 3) ensuring that you’ll sizzle like the Aries siren you are.

The new moon in Aries falls on April 7, so consider that date your cosmic New Year and set a few spring-fresh goals. Make your wish list and vision board because the potent seeds you plant will bear fruit under the Aries full moon on October 15. PS: This is the first Aries full moon in three years that isn’t a lunar eclipse—and that’s kind of a relief. On October 18, 2013, October 8, 2014 and September 27, 2015 la luna packed an extra punch, pushing for rapid-fire change, developments and renewal. But eclipses in your sign can be disorienting too, so enjoy a full moon this October 15 that lets you shine without blowing any fuses!

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