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Float like a butterfly, pince like a crab. In 2016, you’ll earn your wings as the zodiac’s most extroverted sign—quite a status change for you! Thank jovial Jupiter for that. The red-spotted planet is breezing through Virgo and your supersocial third house until September 9. You could find yourself at the center of the action, organizing, gathering and playing entertainment director for your coterie. No need to travel far. The local scene buzzes with activity and kindred spirits are plentiful. You could even buy property after September 9, when Jupiter heads into Libra and your domestic zone for a year, restoring your nesting instincts once again. Getting to know lots of people will benefit your career in 2016; use “network” as a verb this year. With taskmaster Saturn parked in your sixth house of work and healthy habits you will need to put considerable effort towards your career this year too. Developments could happen at a slower pace or you may have to pay some dues in order to get to the next level of the game. Careful not to go into martyr mode though! Saturn could bring burnout if you don’t take proper breaks to recharge, exercise and eat well. Get a trainer if you have trouble motivating to the gym.

Use “network” as a verb this year. You may have to pay some dues to get to the next level of the game.

Romantically, you’re in the clear as Saturn has FINALLY moved out of your romance house. Jupiter can make you a fearless flirt and white-hot Mars tours Scorpio for four months (January 3-March 5 and May 29 to August 3) galvanizing your fifth house of romance, fertility and glamour. Take the lead in love but moderate your mojo so you don’t come on too strong. There could even be a pregnancy under Mars’ hand—or the birth of a creative masterpiece that brings you fame and recognition. Give yourself a glamorous upgrade in February or June, focusing on your hair and adding more pop to your wardrobe. Ardent Venus cruises through Cancer from June 18 to July 13, another hot window for amour.

The only Cancer new moon of 2016 arrives on July 4, with a bonus declaration of independence. While you love the comfort of your crew, this is the day to push ahead on a solo mission, developing YOUR interests and ideas. Kickstart a solo project or invest in your self-development through classes or coaching sessions. Oddly, there are no full moons in Cancer this year (the last one was on Christmas Day 2015) so you’ll have to wait until January 2017 to harvest the bumper crop July 4 brings.

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