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Do you believe in unicorns? By the time 2016 is over you just might. With your ruling planet Saturn flowing through your enchanted twelfth house all year, magic and miracles abound—the biggest one being your sudden desire to kick back and relax. Try as you might to force things, Saturn is teaching you lessons in (glug) surrender. Let go so you can grow, Capricorn! When you send your inner control freak on sabbatical, you’ll become the Magellan of The Miraculous. If you have any mourning to do about a past hurt, give your emotions their proper attention. Great healers and therapists are everywhere you turn; treat yourself to their support. Also, learn to meditate, do yoga often; find soothing activities (painting, playing guitar, tantric bedroom play) to quiet your mind. You might even study a metaphysical subject or learn about alternative healing processes. Passport please! Jetsetting Jupiter is circling through Virgo and your worldly, adventurous ninth house until September 9. Go explore new vistas, sign up for retreats and open your mind to people from different backgrounds than your own.

Let go so you can grow, Capricorn. Find soothing activities to quiet your mind. Go explore new vistas and open your mind.

Not that you’ll be “all woo, all the time.” Jupiter in your ninth house can rev up your entrepreneurial nature, making 2016 a great year to launch a business. On September 9, Jupiter zips into Libra and your ambitious tenth house for a year, reawakening your inner CEO. All those horizon-expanding experiences you had in early 2016 could spawn a killer business idea in the year’s final quarter. Some Capricorns will receive a major promotion in Q4, particularly when ambitious Mars cruises Capricorn from September 27 to November 8. Eclipses in your teachable zones could even land you on the podium or bring a book deal, allowing you to wax on about a subject you’ve mastered. Mercury will be retrograde twice in Capricorn this year—from January 8 to 25 and again from December 20 to early 2017. Cross off those dates when it comes to pitches and presentations. You’ll need to refine and revise, even take some plans back to the drawing board. There are also two new moons in Capricorn this year, which is awesome and rare. Like a triple shot of New Year’s energy, plant more seeds on January 9 and December 8. You’ll harvest results midyear during the Capricorn FULL moon on July 19.

In love, 2016 could be both dreamy and elusive. Saturn in your twelfth house could spur some fantasy-fueled moments, but you could also fall prey to codependence. Don’t accept vague status from a lover if you want a real deal relationship. Setting limits and even delivering ultimatums could be necessary. You’re a giver, but there’s only so much you can provide, Capricorn! It’s your job to keep your relationships in balance, however, and that might mean giving less and asking for more— clearly and lovingly. Traveling with your sweetie will be epic while Jupiter is in Virgo until September 9. You could meet your match while on vacation or give a long-distance relationship a go. After September, some Capricorns could combine two burning passions and start a business with your bae.

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