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Glamour and fame are your stock-in-trade, Leo, but in 2016 you’ll shine with a more sophisticated sparkle. Maturing Saturn is rooted in Sagittarius and your expressive, romantic fifth house all year, dialing down drama and giving life a more serious tone. Stop swinging from the chandeliers and plant your crimson-soled heels on solid earth. Don’t worry: The A-listers won’t forget you while you take this “sabbatical.” This somewhat conservative year provides an opportunity to assess your image, review your relationship patterns, and position yourself as the wise and capable royal who is meant to lead the troops. Work behind the scenes to master your craft and you’ll put a polished presentation out there again before this Saturn cycle ends in December 2017. Keep your mind on your money too! Lucky Jupiter treks through your financial zone until September 9 helping you earn more but burn less. Budget is not a dirty word in 2016. While you’ll spend less on luxury, you’ll see growth in your savings accounts and investments, a recipe for sweet serenity.

Position yourself as the wise and capable royal who is meant to lead the troops.

Romantically, Saturn will spur Leos to settle down a bit. You could get serious about finding The One, setting a wedding date, babymaking or, alternatively turning your creative “baby”  into a bona fide business. Be patient with the process. Fertility treatments may be necessary or a change in diet and lifestyle to support the pregnancy process; you could also adopt. Not ready to rock the cradle? Make sure your protection plan is tight. Energizer Mars shifts back and forth between the caretaking and fertility zones of your chart from January 3 to September 27, which inspires your desire to nurture something, anything! Take your nephews to Disneyland or get a Chihuahua so you don’t go from “hot mama” to “mother hen” in your love life. Family matters could be both heartwarming and stressful this year so you’ll have to set healthy boundaries with your DNA-sharing posse and close friends. Give, but not ‘til it hurts. Your social life heats up in the fall when Jupiter heads into Libra for a year on September 9. Forgot how to flirt? Jupiter restores your gift of gab in September and you’ll have them at hello. Another sultry window for amour comes this summer while Venus tours Leo from July 13 to August 6.

Every year you get a new moon in your sign, a date that should be considered your cosmic New Year. In 2016, the new moon in Leo falls on August 2. Do a mid-year assessment and revamp your goal sheet accordingly. The corresponding full moon won’t come until early 2017, but don’t worry. There’s a full moon in Leo in 2016—on January 23 to be exact—a date when you’ll reap the rewards of all your hard work from 2015. Given that lucky Jupiter was in your sign for most of LAST year, January’s payout should be a big one!

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