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Summon those spirit animals, call upon your guides! Until September 9, horizon-expanding Jupiter vision quests through your ethereal twelfth house, a time for soul-searching and surrender. Forget forcing an agenda for the future. Instead, make your motto, “be here now.” Signs, serendipities and miracles pop up at every turn. Your job, Libra, is to pay attention. Keep that iPhone tucked in your bag for a while. Develop a meditation practice quiets that “monkey chatter” in your mind so you can hear the wisdom of your own divine intuition. Jupiter in your twelfth house wants you to heal and deal. Tie up loose ends, complete projects, make amends, detoxify your body and declutter your life. Freeing yourself of dead weight prepares you for lift-off when Jupiter blasts into Libra on September 9! This visitation only happens once a decade and you’ll want to be baggage-free (or close to it) for the voyage! Before September, reach up for support, tapping experts like doctors, therapists, nutritionists and coaches. Jupiter could bring some incredible Yoga figures your way, especially near the health-oriented eclipses on March 3 and September 1 and 16.

Tie up loose ends, complete projects, make amends, detoxify your body and declutter your life.

While you’ll need more solitude in 2016 there’s no risk of becoming a lone wolf. Solid Saturn journeys through Sagittarius and your third house of kindred spirits and communication all year bringing reliable companions your way. Joint ventures will nourish your soul and pad your pockets. But heed Saturn’s warning label to develop slowly and put all agreements in writing. Motivator Mars spends four months in Scorpio and your work and money sector (from January 3 to March 5, then May 29 to August 3) helping you pursue cash-positive professional opportunities. Need to set a date to complete a project? On March 23, you could celebrate an EPIC victory during a lunar (full moon) eclipse in Libra. This eclipse is the last of a series that began in October 2013 so you could see the culmination of efforts that you’ve been developing for the past two-plus years.

Romantically, Jupiter’s trail through your twelfth house can bring fairy tale moments in spades this spring and summer. Love feels like a sweet escape for many Libras, and you’ll happily don the rose-colored glasses. Single Libras could meet a soulmate under this transit or finally drop your defenses and let a suitor in. Just make sure you aren’t screening out red flags or getting codependent with your bae. Rescue missions are not romantic; they’ll just drag you down. If you have some mourning to do, turn it into a sacred ritual. Set up an altar for a dearly departed love—or a bonfire for the stuff left behind by your toxic ex, the one who kept coming back like a bad case of scabies. You’ll host ardent Venus (your ruling star) from August 29 to September 23, high season for dating and romance. When Jupiter hits Libra on September 9—followed swiftly by your 2016 new moon on September 30—you’ll be quite the risk-taker. If that means nudging a relationship to the next level, plunge on in! But save whitespace in your schedule for “me time” too. The right measure of absence makes the heart grow fonder.


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