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Make it a double, Pisces! You could find your perfect pairing in 2016—for business, pleasure or another joint venture. Thank expansive Jupiter for this. Until September 9, the red-dotted planet is touring Virgo and your seventh house of relationships. While common interests are a must, give credence to the rule of “opposites attract.” A complementary force can be the ocean floor for your flowy mermaid vibes, helping you feel grounded and stable. While this relationship’s predictability can be a tad stultifying at times, don’t bolt from the couple bubble because you’re “bored.” Relationships like these allow you to grow as an individual—and that kind of support is nothing to be sneezed at.

Choose your partners selectively because the people you attract could stick around for the long haul.

Jetsetting Jupiter sets the stage for romantic adventures too. Take that European vacation with your bae or hit the festival circuit where you could meet a sexy someone to share your tent—and your life. Cross-cultural relationships simmer with extra spice in 2016; long-distance ones too. Some Pisces may relocate in the name of love. A solar eclipse in Virgo on September 1 could mark a relationship milestone, and things could develop swiftly near this date! On September 9, Jupiter floats on to Libra and your eighth house of permabonding, deepening these dynamic duos. You could get engaged OR walk away from a bad romance. Choose your partners selectively because the people you attract this year could stick around for the long haul.

There’s an equal emphasis on self-development this year, especially when it comes to your professional pursuits. Staunch Saturn is parked in Sagittarius and your career zone until December 2017 helping you progress steadily along your path. Your ruler Neptune will form three tricky squares (90 degree angles) to Saturn—on June 17, August 26 and September 10—insisting that you balance your fantastical visions with practical magic. Work with stylists, coaches and graphic designers to polish up your image and give your “branding” a sophisticated update. Some Pisces could be slowly transitioning into a new field. Saturn brings wise mentors for this pursuit and you could even enter a degree or training program. Pro tip: don’t rush to quit your day job before you have another economic stability plan lined up. Motivator Mars will activate your career house for a good chunk of the year too, flowing through Sagittarius from March 3-May 29 and again from August 3-September 27. And from December 19 on, Mars visits Pisces, ensuring that you’ll end 2016 with a remarkable feather in your cap.

Each year you get one new moon and one full moon in your sign, and in 2016 these lunations are super-powered eclipses! Like a triple shot of motivating energy, they’ll push for growth and change. Hang on to your chapeau, Pisces, because you’ll feel the first gust with the solar (new moon) eclipse in Pisces on March 8. Sealing a chapter of your old life may be unavoidable as you embrace the bold offerings of this eclipse. And circle September 16 for the galvanizing manifestation date when the lunar (full moon) eclipse in Pisces kicks life into the highest possible gear.

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