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Goals, goals, goals! Break out the powersuit, Sagittarius, because 2016 is bringing epic developments for your career. Your ruling planet Jupiter holds court in Virgo and your tenth house of success until September 9. Like a guided missile you’ll radar in on a major mission, one that can boost your prestige and professional rep. Just don’t try to hit too many targets at once! Stern Saturn is slogging through Sagittarius until December 2017 insisting that you operate from a plan—and a more conservative one, at that. Focus and discernment is essential if you want to grab the brass ring. Alas, there’s not much room for dabbling in 2016. Unless your interest in a subject or project is serious—and profitable!—shelve it for 2018. Though you prefer the indie-spirited maverick role, in 2016 you’ll groom yourself as a leader and manager. Learning to delegate will save your sanity. Only let go of the reins to qualified collaborators, people who have earned their merit. Polish up your presentation too. Though Forever 21 might be your spirit age, your wardrobe, resume and other “branding” needs to sing with sophistication now.

Like a guided missile you’ll radar in on a major mission that can boost your prestige and professional rep. Just don’t try to hit too many targets at once!

Of course all work and no play makes Sag a dull archer. In 2016, fun will have to be scheduled. Reserve at least one day or night each week for unstructured playtime. With sultry Mars cruising through Sagittarius from March 5-May 29 and again from August 3-September 27 you’ll sizzle with sex appeal. These are fabulous days to promote yourself or make a bold romantic move! Mars also winds through Scorpio on and off from January through August, illuminating your twelfth house of fantasy and escape. Distinguishing a player from a prince has never been your optimistic sign’s forte. And while you might blow off steam with the bad boys and girls this year, don’t start fantasizing about ring shopping and monogrammed towels unless you’re in a real-deal relationship. With Jupiter in your tenth house, attached Archers could start a business with your romantic partner or become more of a public pair—hello, power couple! You could also fall for someone a little older or more established. On September 9, Jupiter moves on to Libra and your fun-loving, team-spirited eleventh house for a year. Time to lighten up and let your hair down again—a beat that’s far more natural to your sign. You could also strike gold with a digital venture, and even raise capitol by crowdfunding in the last quarter of 2016.

Every year, you are guaranteed one new moon in your sign and in 2016, that falls on November 29—an early cosmic New Year if you will. But you’ll start the year on the heels of the December 11, 2015 new moon in Sagittarius. What did you cook up near your 2015 birthday? Those results will manifest midyear, on June 20, under the light of the Sagittarius full moon.

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