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Plant your feet on solid ground—and stay there a while. Stability brings serenity in 2016 as structured Saturn camps out in Sagittarius and your second house of foundations. This is a huge relief! From October 2012 to September 2015, you hosted the taskmaster planet in your sign—a phase that felt a lot like boot camp. This year, you’re free of Saturn’s grip and a lot clearer about the path you want to walk. Although many results come slowly and steadily in 2016, growth is guaranteed. Roll up your sleeves! In 2016, you’ll feel the rewards of a hard day’s work. Treat yourself to luxury, but moderately. Saturn insists that you stay on a budget. And when you DO splurge, quality is a must so reach for solid brands and products with warranties.

You’re free of Saturn’s grip and a lot clearer about the path you want to walk. Results come slowly and steadily, but growth is guaranteed.

There’s more momentum for your ambitions too! Go-getter Mars spends four months in Scorpio this year—from January 3-March 5 and May 29-August 3—twice the length of its usual stay. With Mars pumping high-octane fuel into your system, you’ll be a veritable Action Jackson—ain’t no stopping you now! A leadership position has Scorpio stamped all over it and you could claim your well-deserved corner of the executive suites. While you’re wearing the captain’s hat in 2016, don’t forget: teamwork makes the dream work. Lucky Jupiter spins through your communal eleventh house until September 9 calling for collaboration. You could also make a mint from a digital venture this year, thanks to Jupiter energizing your tech sector too. Move over, Silicon Valley gazillionaires!

Your love story will be sensual, spicy AND adventurous in 2016. While Mars hovers in Scorpio in the first half of the year you’ll have off-the-charts sex appeal. You might even prefer single status so you can “taste the rainbow” of options. Curb those compulsive Scorpio urges—and the attraction to danger—or you could get into more trouble than you care to handle. Two eclipses in Pisces and your romance houses—on March 9 and September 16—could bring swift developments in your love life, including an engagement or pregnancy. Ardent Venus cruises through Scorpio from September 24 to October 20 keeping the heat full-blast this fall. On September 9, Jupiter floats on to Libra and your healing, transitional twelfth house for a year. You’ll need more solitude and dream time then; some Scorpios could even take a gap year or a summer to sail around the Mediterranean with your amour—or even by yourself!

Each year, the cosmos gift you a new moon in your sign, a day for hitting the refresh button and planting new seeds. In 2016, the Scorpio new moon falls on October 30 so circle that as a date for initiating big plans. You’ll celebrate a full moon in Scorpio earlier in the year, on April 21. Expect a downpour of results to flood in, a manifestation from the Scorpio new moon that fell on November 11, 2015.

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