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Ready, aim, fire! Cupid’s golden-tipped arrows are pointed directly at your heart in 2016—a year to let love rule. Until September 9, supersizer Jupiter floats through Virgo and your fifth house of passion, glamour, creativity and fertility. Ready to put a ring on it or a bun in the oven? Strike now while the ethically mined diamonds are hot. (PS: Jupiter is retrograde from January 7 to May 9, so the period between May 9 and September 9 is the most ideal for solidifying mergers.) Although Mercury will be retrograde then, the solar eclipse on September 1 is a platinum day for engagements, weddings and pregnancies! Sultry Mars shoots electric current through your partnership houses from January through September—why yes it IS getting hot in here! Also, serious Saturn is on a slow-wind through Sagittarius and your eighth house of permabonding. As much as you love the honeymoon phase, you’re also playing for keeps. The urge to merge assets could make you richer or poorer under Saturn’s weighty hand. Steer clear of people whose character and sense of loyalty is dubious. Anyone who triggers extreme jealousy should also be crossed off the list. The jade-eyed monster will be on your shoulder all year and you’re better off finding friends and lovers who know how to reassure you. But should envy strike DO get the facts before you react!

As much as you love the honeymoon phase, you’re also playing for keeps.

Creatively, your visions are off the charts in 2016—and Jupiter could bring fame and recognition for your grand ideas. You might be vaulted to a position of leadership or publically recognized for your talents. Shameless self-promotion is sanctioned by the stars so get the PR campaign underway. This is no year for waiting around to be discovered! You’re in it to win it, Bull. Let your competitive spirit take the wheel and go, unapologetically, for the gold. One exception: X out April 29-May 23 for any marketing as Mercury retrogrades takes a signal-scrambling dip in Taurus for three weeks. On September 9, Jupiter moves on to Libra and your sixth house of work and healthy routines for a year. It will be easier to funnel your grand schemes into a sensible strategy then. You might even get a “real job” in the fall or turn a side gig into a bona fide LLC.

The new moon in Taurus falls on May 6 this year, so make sure you initiate something major for yourself that day. Don’t rush to plug it into a spreadsheet right away. First, allow the creative process to take hold, dreaming as if the sky was the limit. Once you have all the “what if’s” on the whiteboard, you can wave the practical magic wand over your ideas. You’ll reap the rewards in the fall, under the light of the Taurus full moon on November 14.

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