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A whole new world! A new fantastic point of view! With lucky Jupiter cruising through Virgo until September 9, you’ll feel like an astrological Aladdin in 2016, riding the cosmic kilim to new crests of success. The bountiful, red-spotted planet only visits your sign once a decade, so take advantage of the auspicious window for growth and expansion it brings. Start a business, go back to school, trek the Incan Trail! Jupiter wants you to embrace the new and take a risk, caution flags be damned. In 2016, you’ll turn your world on its ear and finally go after your dreams. Make a budget for classes, coaches and consultants. Erudite Jupiter could bring some amazing teachers your way before September. You’ll develop a taste for truth serum too as Jupiter in Virgo can make you quite blunt! Warning: you could also run the risk of TMI and overexposure. Writing a tell-all memoir, recording a YouTube series in your bedroom or announcing a big secret on Facebook could be dicey terrain. Spin your own stories, yes, but keep some sort of privacy policy in place too. And DO take extra precautions about what you type, tweet or say while Mercury is retrograde in Virgo from August 30 to September 22.

You’ll develop a taste for truth serum as Jupiter in Virgo can make you quite blunt! Warning: you could also run the risk of overexposure.

In between your flights of fancy, domestic issues demand attention. Stern Saturn is hunkered down in your home and family sector until December 2017 helping you strengthen your roots. A family member—your mom even—could be a great source of support to you and vice versa. Female friendships and alliances could be both challenging and rewarding under Saturn’s tenure. Stay away from the mean girls (no matter how cool their club is) and make room for soul sisters. You could even start a business with your girl gang. Buying property could bring a real deal sense of security, whether for your home or a rental property. Take your time with the search and buy within your means. Romantically, you may be ready to play house or communicate about conception and co-parenting. If you’re on the fence about babymaking, Saturn can help you discern the right path. This might even involve adopting or bringing home a pet if you’re not ready to parent a real human. Two eclipses in Pisces rock your relationship realm—on March 8 and September 16—and can bring epic, if not surprising developments in this arena. Do we hear bells…or the sound of your heels clicking out the door? Eclipses come with an “all or nothing” clause. If no one gets off the fence, you could deliver an ultimatum near those dates.  With “cosmic Cupid” Venus in Virgo from August 6 to 31 you’ll be quite the love magnet in the late summer—a fine time to be single and enjoy your options too.

Each year, you get one new moon in your sign and in 2016, yours is a supercharged solar eclipse! Circle September 1 as your triple-strength cosmic New Year and take initiatives on your own behalf. You’ll have to wait until early 2017 for the manifestation, but earlier this year—on February 22, 2016—a full moon in Virgo brings a bounty of rewards for all your efforts in 2015.

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