2017 Horoscope & Planetary Planner: Our Yearly Astrology Books

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The AstroTwins’ 2017 Planetary Planners guide you to success in love, career, wellness and more—all year long!

The AstroTwins’ 2017 Planetary Planners are your must-have 2017 horoscope guides for love, life, career, health, family and everything that matters—cosmically curated by the resident astrologers for ELLE Magazine and Refinery29.  Available in paperback for the first time!



The Big Book

The AstroTwins’ 2017 Planetary Planner
Retail value of $299—yours for $49.99! 
Over 400 pages, includes complete forecasts for all 12 horoscope signs, 2017 numerology, Chinese astrology, big-picture forecasts and new/full moon rituals. $49.99


The Big Book

The AstroTwins’ 2017 Planetary Planner 
NOW ON SALE! Full-color inside and out, digital PDF that can be read on laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile or printed out. Over 400 pages, includes complete forecasts for all 12 horoscope signs. Available now for instant download. $24.95

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PAPERBACK: 12 Individual Zodiac Sign Books

12 Signs: 2017 Horoscopes Guide & Planetary Planner
It’s all about you! Also makes the perfect holiday or birthday gift for that Gemini, Scorpio, Aries, etc. in your life. This adorable book will be your best cosmic companion all year! Over 100 pages includes; includes your Sun sign’s complete 2017 astrology forecast, 2017 numerology, Chinese astrology, big-picture forecasts and new/full moon rituals. $24.95

What’s in The AstroTwins’ 2017 Planetary Planner:

Now in its fifth year, our must-have guide is bigger than ever, packed with invaluable guidance to help you shape 2017 into your best year yet. Discover what your 2017 horoscope holds and how to follow the patterns of the stars to take advantage of the year’s best dates—and navigate the challenging ones. Plan it by the planets with us!

Retrogrades, New & Full Moons and Major Cosmic Cycles
What’s the big-picture outlook for love, politics, business and health in 2017? We track the bigger cosmic trends and transits—eclipses, retrogrades, new and full moons, and the trend-shaping actions of the large outer planets.


In-Depth Forecasts for Your Zodiac Sign
Your 2017 horoscope in-depth: What are the larger trends and cosmic trends and patterns you’ll navigate? Where will you be lucky and where are there challenges? The most important, need-to-know astrology trends for 2017.

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Month by Month Hotspot Dates for Love & Career
We outline the best dates for love and money, month by month! Get the most important dates every month for love and money, with detailed advice and descriptions on how to make the most of this cosmic energy.

Rituals for all 24 New & Full Moons!
Bring in the bountiful energy of each new and full moon with our brand-new bonus section of thoughtful and energizing rituals you can do at every single new and full moon (twice a month).

2017 Numerology
Special 2017 Numerology section by Astrostyle’s resident numerologist Felicia Bender (The Practical Numerologist). Learn why 2017 is a “1” Universal Year and get a Personal Year forecast for your Life Path number.


2017 Chinese Horoscope: Year of the Rooster
Chinese horoscope for the Year of the Fire Rooster—what new energy will this bring for you?

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Your 2017 Sun Sign Horoscope

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