Bye, 2017! What to Leave Behind in the New Year Before 2018

leave behind these things from 2017

Will 2018 be a whole new era…or a prolonged sequel to 2017? It depends on your intention. Before you sit down and draft New Year’s resolutions (or write the practice off altogether), how about bidding a couple things adieu? Here’s what every sign should leave behind before the calendar turns.

As we finish off an intense 2017, there are specific habits you’ll want to leave behind. Maybe a certain practice served you well, but you’ve outgrown it. Or, you just fell into auto-pilot (same grind, different day)—and you REALLY need a new approach to life.

Well, no more of that! We’ve identified the number-one thing for each sign NOT to bring into 2018—and what NEW, uplifting practice you can replace it with. Read on for yours.

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What your sign should leave behind in 2017:

ARIES: Superficial relationships

In 2017, your solo-driven sign made major growth around relationships. You let people into your world—but maybe you left the door a little TOO open? Leave behind the ties that aren’t a balanced give-and-take. Make room for quality over quantity!

TAURUS: Too much control

We’ll admit it, Taurus: your answer is usually the right one! But by always being “right,” you can alienate people. Leave behind the need for control and welcome contribution from other people. Even if the end result isn’t perfect, at least you won’t be lonely at the top.


Whew! This year served up some head-spinning capital-D-drama and diva antics. Leave behind an insatiable need for entertainment, and make room for a few “boring” (read: stabilizing) experiences. Embrace the flow of the mundane instead of needing every moment to be a “peak experience.”

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CANCER: Emotional overload

Your emotions are an amazing GPS, but feelings aren’t always facts. Leave behind the habit of being TOO driven by reactions or nostalgia, Cancer. A better balance of head and heart awaits.


You hate missing out on anything, but that FOMO left you scattered in 2017. What to give up? Saying “yes” to everything and spreading yourself too thin. Plus, did you really enjoy what you were doing when you couldn’t be fully present? Scale back so you can add more self-care and high-quality experiences.

VIRGO: Working too hard

You love to do things in order and by a plan. But rigidly adhering to anything means missing out on life’s spontaneous joy. Leave behind that regimented (and isolating) way and welcome new social experiences instead!

LIBRA: Dreamy drifting

Time to get intentional! Leave behind your sign’s refusal to be pinned down. That “go with the flow” energy was great in 2017, but next year is about prioritizing and narrowing your focus more. Being too all over the place could cause you to miss out some lucrative or life-enhancing moments.


We get it—you love to keep that air of mystery about you. Plus, it shields you from feeling vulnerable and exposed, which Scorpios hate. But it also makes your life small and prevents you from truly shining. Give up hiding and start taking more risks! Sure, some people might laugh at you, troll you or criticize you. But other people could be totally transformed by you.

SAGITTARIUS: Exhausting yourself

Your sign is famous for having a million irons in the fire and pushing yourself beyond your limits. Leave that overachieving, “I’ll just do it myself” attitude in 2017. Your new challenge for 2018: allowing yourself to ask for (and receive) support.

CAPRICORN: Too much seriousness

Leave that weighty mantle of responsibility by the roadside—and let someone else pick it up! In 2018, your “job” is to make friends, build community and collaborate. Swap the sacrifices for celebration!

AQUARIUS: Unrealistic plans

Oh, how you love to dream, Aquarius—but too much of that blue-sky visioning just leaves you ungrounded. In 2018, you’ve got #goals to slay and milestones to meet. Leave behind your cool-and-casual persona and get focused.

PISCES: Negativity

First, a sympathetic hug: you’ve had it tough, Pisces! The last year tested your mettle and your sensitive sign may be scared to believe things can get better. But we promise you, they WILL. Dare to ditch that pessimism you’ve acquired. Book a vacation, sign up for a personal growth workshop, do something to shift your perspective.

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