Romance Report: 2017 Love Horoscopes for Every Sign

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That’s amore! 2017’s love horoscopes have plenty in store for everyone in the romance department. With expansive Jupiter in partnership-driven Libra and eclipse season in full swing, our relationships just got a whole lot more amorous.

Feeling hot, hot, hot…or not, not, not? Either way, romantic temperatures are on the rise. The flamboyant Year of the Fire Rooster, which started January 27, is already turning up the heat. (Case in point: Rooster-born Beyonce dropped the bombshell that she’s expecting twins. Yes!)

Fiery February may be the universal month for romance, but the world needs love now more than ever. Here are some highlights for the coming year—both in the big-picture outlook and for every Sun sign.

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Leo/Aquarius eclipses: Balance head and heart

The February 10 full moon lunar eclipse in passionate Leo marked a game-changing moment that opened our hearts and allowed us all to speak our truth. But there could still be some eye-opening drama too, since both love planets, sensual Venus and ambitious Mars, are in outspoken Aries this Valentine’s Day. This could make for some smoldering physical connections—and even a baby if family planning is on the agenda.

The Leo full moon was the first eclipse in a series on Leo-Aquarius axis that will last through January 21, 2019. Translation: Fiery Leo and cool Aquarius can make for an unusual pairing. While subjective Leo has a flair for the dramatic, Aquarius tends to keep the collective in mind with a level head. Balancing romance inside this series of eclipses will be challenge for us all in the coming two years. But practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to love! The opposite energies of Leo and Aquarius will encourage us all to master the game of give and take to find our equilibrium.

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Venus Retrograde: Love on the rocks?

Caveat: It’s not going to be all chocolate and roses. Decadent Venus goes retrograde from March 4 to April 15, putting a damper on some of our budding connections. Retrogrades are often a blessing in disguise, however, giving us time to reflect and reassess. It’s a time to review, revamp or even let go of any amorous bonds that we may have outgrown to create space for those who lift us up rather than weigh us down. Venus will be retrograde in argumentative Aries until April 2, which could bring out a selfish streak. From April 2-15, Venus backs into illusory Pisces. Is it love—or just smoke and mirrors?

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Jupiter in Libra and Scorpio: Partnerships evolve

Some good news: Boundary-breaking adventures are on the horizon for everyone, as abundant Jupiter continues a long journey through harmonious Libra, the star sign of relationships, until October 10. Expect dynamic pairings and new approaches to love and relationships to continue to emerge. From the dismantling of gender stereotypes to polyamory and even co-parenting, expansive Jupiter will broaden our perceptions when it comes to how we relate to our significant other(s).

Once Jupiter slides into sultry Scorpio later this fall, sexual intensity, emotional bonds, shared finances and wealth will come to the fore. While outspoken Jupiter and private Scorpio don’t make the most comfortable of bedfellows, expect their pillow talk to spice things up behind closed doors. Jupiter rules higher education, which could cultivate intellectualism in your romantic life. Always wanted to learn about tantric sex? Check out a book, or attend a local workshop, and invite your partner to get educated with you. Deep-diving Scorpio may err on the possessive side, yet Jupiter is all about flying free. The curious mix could definitely lead to some interesting philosophical debates, not to mention explorations.

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Now, learn what the stars have in store for your sign in love. Read your romance forecast for the rest of 2017:


Jupiter spends all year in the most relationship-driven zones of your chart. Start loosening the grip on your trademark independence, and think about power-coupling up. Two Leo eclipses will sweep through your romance house, opening your heart. Sound scary? Breathe deep through some heart chakra opening meditations and Feng Shui your living space to invite in the love you desire. (Candles? Flowers? New bedding? A little toy shopping, perhaps?) Just keep an eye out for Venus retrograde in your sign in March. Otherwise, this could be one of your luckiest years for amour in more than a decade, especially when it comes to making things official.


Structured Saturn is rounding out a three-year stint through your eighth house of emotional bonds and shared resources, which will end December 2017. That means that you’re still sobering up to love, and getting yourself to a more grounded place, too. Keep working through any issues around trust, sex and all the ways that you merge your life with another person—physically, emotionally and energetically. Find the right therapist or healer if necessary, and remember to forgive yourself. Two game-changing eclipses in your emotional fourth house could unearth a softer side of you. And when it comes out, you’ll be primed to meet your soulmate, or at least take a wise approach to long-term love. Venus retrograde in March and April may conjure an ex-lover or unresolved drama to the surface. Do the necessary work to bring closure once and for all.


Let love shine! L’amour is your main event of 2017, as bountiful Jupiter is in Libra and your romantic fifth house until October. Expect exciting prospects, long-distance love stories, or sparks to rekindle. But before your heart flutters away with the butterflies completely, Saturn will tap on the brakes. Rein in any impulsive behavior and patiently let your significant other prove their merit before you commit. Saturn embarks on an intense journey into focused Capricorn and your intimacy sector, testing key relationships for the next three years. Learn to embrace Saturn’s often harsh lessons, Gemini. Stern as these teachings may seem, they’re almost always blessings in disguise. You will learn to truly merge your life—mind, body and soul—in the best way possible under this guidance.


Your romantic year starts off in your nest, so feather it for some serious bonding at home. Be it babies, moving in together, or a deeper emotional bonding, lucky Jupiter nestles in your homey fourth house and inspires domestic partnering of all kinds. Buy new furniture together, get the nursery ready, or cozy up in a cabin getaway for two. Still single? Don’t despair! Jupiter heats up in Scorpio come October, illuminating your glamorous and amorous fifth house. Welcome its lusty vibes, and put yourself out there. But beware a pregnancy if you’re not planning! Meanwhile, structured Saturn joins penetrating Pluto in your committed relationships house, paving the way for a strong and lasting union. An August Leo eclipse in your intimate eighth house can take things to a deeper, more permanent level too. Say yes to forever!


Get ready for a 2017 that’s more friendly than frisky. Adventurous Jupiter cruises through Libra and your social third house. Ease up on your hunt for finding the one and find your tribe instead—one that’s based on mutual respect, interest, hobbies and intellectual curiosity. Cautious Saturn is in Sagittarius and your romance house until December, which may put a damper on your mojo, or make you think twice before you dive into that starry-eyed romance. Take your time, Leo. Love comes when it’s time. The new Leo/ Aquarius eclipse series (which stays with us all until 2019) will reorganize the balance between me and we. Think deeply about what you really want from relationships. The August eclipse may bring a first turning point of that nature under the spotlight. So which will it be: you…or the two of you?


Jupiter in your second house of self-esteem and security sends your confidence on the upswing this year. Use it to your advantage, and get yourself back in the ring! This year, a relationship could take a turn for the serious. Think of the people you know: Who might be the best fit? Maybe that special someone you wrote off as boring before? That diamond in the rough may just put a ring on your finger before the year is over. While stable is sexy, keep your love life fun by mixing things up. Coupled Virgos should travel, take classes together and socialize to keep the sparks flying. Structured Saturn enters your romance house in December and stays there until March 2020. Start thinking more seriously about your choices in love because they are here to stay.


This is YOUR year to feel free, Libra! While you are the sign of relationships, adventurous Jupiter will stay in your sign through October. That will make breathing room a strong aphrodisiac. You will need more space than usual to roam and explore, and you may even prefer to go it on your own. Exploring new interests can be a turn-on for couples, whether it’s signing up for a tango class, French lessons (ooh la la!), or just getting out and exploring your surroundings. Your ruler, loving Venus, goes retrograde in March and April. Consider your gentle sense of equilibrium forewarned. Venus’ backward motion may send your love life into a tailspin, or at inspire a necessary (but not always easy) critical review. The August lunar eclipse in your passionate fifth house brings a romantic situation to a head, and a possible shift in course.


Is it love? Or was it just lust? You may feel head over heels this year, thanks to Jupiter hazily hanging out in your fantasy-fueled twelfth house all the way through October. Keep on the lookout for red flags, as your Scorpio control alerts may not get the chance to kick in before your heart is hopelessly hooked. While you may feel like it’s the real thing, you actually can’t just go with your gut. Let a relationship withstand the test of time before fully devoting yourself to this new bond. An eclipse in late February ignites your fiery fifth house. While the rush may burn oh-so strong, love planet Venus backspins into retrograde motion during March and April. Expect speed bumps on your road to love during this time, which could be anything from drama and fights to the resurgence of an old flame.


Romance takes a backseat to your friendships and solo endeavors this year. You’ve got appointments to keep and new acquaintances to meet, so it may be tricky to throw all your eggs in one basket. Who has time for that, anyway? You may meet a special someone with true love potential after October. Or, you may go through a massive transition that creates the space you need to be paired with your soulmate. While it’s never easy  to let go, remember that the universe has a better situation in store for you. Focus on healing, whether it’s with your current partner or within yourself. Keep an eye on March and April, when Venus retrograde could stir up drama or conjure an ex.


Being codependent is so 2016! The key to your relationship satisfaction this year is learning how to establish healthy boundaries. Just say no when you really can’t, Cap! Romance may top your agenda, but there are also plenty of opportunities for you to grow. Take calculated risks to open your heart and show your vulnerable side. Your career may take up most of your focus for the year, but you may also meet a special someone on the job. A business trip, a conference or an industry cocktail event may have a certain someone in attendance who catches your eye. If you’re still processing a breakup, take the Venus retrograde period in March and April to review, heal and let go. Do the closure work necessary so you can be ready to find the right fit for your long-term future.


Change is the name of the game for 2017. You’re growing as an individual, so your love life needs to evolve with you. Two eclipses in your relationship house (in February and August) may completely rearrange your romantic life, or help you boldly steer a partnership in your direction. Single Aquarians may be shot by Cupid’s arrow where and when they least expect it, and the attraction has great potential to be a keeper. Watch your back in March and April as love-planet Venus goes retrograde. Relationship harmony may be disrupted, or you may be focused to review relationships past before you can move forward. Your public life comes under a much-deserved spotlight this year. Get out and mix it up, Water Bearer. Brush up your Spanish and make that spiritual trek to Peru you’ve been putting off. Or, finally sign up for the half marathon to raise funds for a cause. You’ll have so much to gain, and your romantic life will benefit the more you better yourself.


There will be no time for surface-level relations this year, Pisces. Expansive Jupiter smolders in your intense, soul-merging eighth house until October. If you play this year, it’s for keeps. Under this extreme vibe, you may well decide you’re either in all the way, or you’re on your way out. You could also make serious moves this year together: buying a home, getting pregnant, or planning a ceremony to celebrate your bond. Still looking for that special someone? Do the inner work necessary to prepare for your soulmate. Removing blocks to true love is the key to your long-term happiness. Keep your expectations realistic during March and April, when love-planet Venus takes a retrograde cycle, especially between April 2-15 while Venus backs through Pisces. It’s less of a time to spring forward and more or a time to review, release and prepare for the one who will withstand the test of time.

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