Bye, 2018! What Every Zodiac Sign Should Leave Behind

Ready to usher out the old and ring in the new? Ophi shares what every Sun sign should leave behind in 2018 as we transition into 2019.

YouTube video

For many people, 2018 was an intense year, and one we won’t be sad to bid adieu. Not only was it an 11/2 Master Number year in Numerology, but expansive Jupiter was in secretive Scorpio, bringing lots of hidden feelings and information to light. A lot of deep transformational work took place, but healing ain’t easy. As we progress into 2019, which will be a more relaxed 3 Universal Year, with Jupiter in its home sign of Sagittarius, there’s no need to carry the residue of those tough lessons into another calendar year. In this video, Ophi explains what (and how) to release any lingering struggle from 2018, according to your horoscope, so you can make a smooth, serene entrance into 2019.

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