9 Wellness Trends for 2018, According to Astrology

2018 wellness trends

From superfoods to smart beds, hydration to HIIT workouts, here’s your 2018 wellness astrology forecast—a planetary prescription for glowing good health in the New Year.

January is a month of renewal, and with it, comes the post-holiday fitness frenzy. Since it’s goal-driven Capricorn season until January 19, we’re all extra motivated to streamline and implement new habits. But the stars have their own wellness program for 2018. Here are a few star-powered suggestions.

1. Get back to basics.

Has your fitness quest gotten too…complicated? In 2018, take the “work” out of workouts. Regimented Saturn is spending the next three years in its home sign of no-frills Capricorn, bringing us back to basics (and budgets). Breaking a sweat doesn’t have to break the bank. If you’re too intimidated to try that Brazilian Ballet Barre Barbell Burn class or you’re not down with spending $14 on a gem-infused activated charcoal superfood smoothie, that’s just fine.

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A jump rope, some squats, a sparse gym with a grizzled, whistle-wearing coach—that’s more Saturn in Capricorn’s style. Think: vintage Rocky I (the classic 1976 training scene above will at least make you put on your sneakers…) An efficient and simple HIIT workout is cosmically aligned. Check out Coach Betty Rocker, who offers short videos you can do anywhere. 

2. Go outside.

Let the great outdoors be your new fitness studio! Take a power walk or nature hike, Fitbit optional, since this earthy Saturn phase encourages us to spend time outside and away from technology. (Bonus assignment: When you get home, breathless from that beautiful sunrise, call or write your congressperson to demand that they advocate for climate protection.) 

On February 15, 2018, the Chinese astrology calendar flips to the Year of the Earth Dog. Unleash your playful spirit by taking a four-legged friend out for a long, heart-pumping walk. If you’re a pet owner, plant your soles on the ground with Fido and get some fresh air!
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3. Water is where it’s at.

Sensory-deprivation tank, anyone? Jupiter in watery Scorpio could find us getting downright metaphysical while submerged in the aquatic depths. From a swim aerobics class to regular chugs of purified H2O (in a reusable bottle whenever possible), the stars anoint 2018 as the Year of Hydration. But hey, maybe skip the dodgy new fad of “raw water”

Water-based treatments and workouts can have extra oomph from May through August, when Jupiter will form a healing trine to spiritual Neptune in Pisces. Sound healing, possibly paired with water therapy, could be a 2018 rage. (Note to the interested: February 14 is World Sound Healing Day. Take that, Cupid!)

And if you’re looking to do some good in the New Year, help advocate for clean water around the world (including in crisis spots like Flint, Michigan).

4. Use healing spices & plants.

With global Jupiter in intensifier Scorpio, spices like turmeric (and the “curcurmin” property it contains) will be the ingredients du jour in 2018. Check out Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic recipes for ways to incorporate more cinnamon, ginger, cayenne and even golden milk into your diet. Salad might seem like the “basic bitch” of the veggie world these days, but fill your bowl with exciting and colorful new superfoods like jackfruit (which actually tastes like pulled pork!), and we smell a reinvention tour. 


Getting “back to the earth” will trend this year, with so much terrestrial power coming from stern Saturn, radical Uranus and powerful Pluto all in earth signs…not mention the Year of the Earth Dog. Move over, pharmaceuticals: The growing field of psychopharmacology is using magic mushrooms and MDMA to treat cancer-related depression and PTSD. Could we finally see an FDA approval with Jupiter in Scorpio? Either way, Jupiter in this transformational sign might bring a continued rise in self-healing that includes energy medicine, essential oils, micro-dosing, ayahuasca and shamanic work.

5. Bug out? From edible insects to gut bacteria.

Cricket-flour cupcakes, anyone? Since the Scorpion will reign over 2018, it’s no surprise that “entomophagy”—literally, eating insects as food—has become (glug) a trend. Actually, it’s been going on since prehistoric times, but somehow, it’s made a comeback. While we don’t plan to try edible insects ourselves, these farms will sell you creepy-crawly provisions…and trendier places are serving up fare like artisanal chocolate topped with gold-dipped grasshoppers.

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But there are other “bugs”—such as gut bacteria—that could be more beneficial to explore with Jupiter in granular Scorpio. Bonus: Good gut health has even been linked to disease prevention. So we’ll pass on the mealworms and go for a microbiome test instead, thanks.

With adventurous Jupiter in extreme Scorpio until November, we may be tempted to push ourselves to extremes or get obsessive. With alarming health news and faddish cure-alls cropping up, it’s easy to fall into that trap. Trendy tricks like low-FODMAP diets, intermittent fasting, and activated-charcoal everything should be attempted with care—and, with sobering Saturn in the mix, a doctor’s clearance.

6. Explore “smart sleeping.”

Wellness tracking isn’t just for your workout anymore. When tech-savvy Uranus moves into decadent lounge-cat Taurus mid-May, “pillow talk” will become a literal thing. Mattress companies are already offering “smart” beds and pillows that help you get better sleep—a key to longevity.  Or, go really next-level and invest in a sleep robot (and go full-on A.I. with your cuddle buddy).2018 wellness astrology: smart bedPinIf you struggle to get a full night’s rest, Uranus in Taurus may come to your aid. Sound healing could also expand beyond the wellness world and into the mainstream during this new eight-year cycle. Bring on the quartz crystal singing bowls and the iOt California kings, please!

7. Embrace “natural aging.”

Being eternally young is getting so…old. While we can’t say we’re thrilled to find new wrinkles or witness gravity’s effects, 2018 encourages us to stop fighting nature so hard—and to acknowledge the growing, greying population. (Besides, most of us don’t have Scorpio Kris Jenner’s platinum-blonde budget…for this, we point to Jupiter in her sign, which can inspire people to experiment wildly with their look.)


Saturn in Capricorn rules the legacy of time, wisdom and the aging process. (On that note, can we address ageism as a rampant form of discrimination in 2018?) We love ourselves a millennial, but if the Western world feels compelled to be perpetually 27 (or forever 21), we’re erasing a huge swath of the population. ”Perennials” are a newly-minted demographic that includes people of any age who are committed to continuously blooming and growing. (We love it!)

That said, we’re not suggesting you succumb to the preventable ravages of time. Saturn and Capricorn rule the bone structure, joints, posture, spine, knees, teeth, bones and skin. Calcium-rich foods, great natural skincare and osteoporosis prevention should be on our 2018 wellness lists. Collagen is popping up as another trending ingredient, and while it sounds kinda gross, its benefits to these Saturn/Capricorn-ruled areas make it worth a try! Some research suggests that curcurmin, an active ingredient in turmeric mentioned earlier, is linked to lower rates of Alzheimer’s disease (another Saturn in Capricorn hot-button topic).

8. Or…just ignore age altogether.

With Jupiter in Scorpio, the sign of birth, death and reincarnation, who cares how many years you’ve been here? Let’s talk about how many lifetimes you’ve lived! Scorpio is concerned with the soul’s age and evolution, not the body’s.


Age ain’t nothing but a number when you’re counting incarnations, baby. (“Oh sure, I was born in 1972, but my soul dates back to the Ptolemaic era in Egypt, honey. What, you weren’t there?”) Being an old soul is the new thing during this Jupiter and Saturn era. Consider adding “past-life regression” to your 2018 goals list…then break out your spiritual CV the next time you start feeling bad about your biological age.

9. Look for healthcare alternatives.

With health insurance rates soaring into unaffordable terrain, people will search for new ways of getting their wellness needs met, possibly by pooling their resources or creating communal and cooperative options. (The essential oils company Doterra is even offering its own pioneering healthcare program.) In 2018, we expect to hear more about homeopathy and home care as alternatives—or supplements—to conventional medical treatments.

2018 is here: Are you ready to make the most of it? The AstroTwins’ 2018 Planetary Planners guide you through the whole year—your must-have map for love, money, health and more. Get yours now!

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