2020 Taurus New Moon Ritual Ideas

taurus new moon ritual

The new moon in Taurus on April 22 marks the perfect time for planting seeds and intentions. Try these Taurus new moon ritual ideas to connect to nature. 

by The AstroTwins

Connecting to nature keeps us in tune with the force that created us. With decadent Venus as the guardian of this earth sign, we can celebrate beauty in its most natural forms during Taurus season. These 2020 Taurus new moon rituals can get you busy planting, one of the few activities we can all do during the coronavirus quarantine.

2020 Taurus New Moon Ritual: Wish garden

Choose a spot in your yard or get a pot for a houseplant or a window container. Be sure your growing space is larger than the plant you choose, so it has room to grow. Try selecting a varietal that will live until the corresponding full moon in Taurus in November (or longer!).

A succulent or cactus that doesn’t need much tending to is a good choice if you feel challenged in the green thumb department.  Air plants are also an option, as they require no soil and infrequent watering. But given Taurus’ down-and-dirty nature, we recommend using soil for this project.

Before you plant, write a wish list on a small piece of paper. For example: What are 5 things you would like to manifest before the Taurus full moon in six months? Taurus is the zodiac sign that governs our financial foundations, our luxury purchases, how we relax (massages, our homes), how we nourish ourselves and even romance. You could focus on some of these areas to create your list for your Taurus new moon ritual. Once it’s complete, fold the paper up as small as possible.

Sprinkle soil at the base of the pot, enough to cover it and create a small layer. If you’re planting outdoors, dig a hole. Place your wish list here. Layer more soil on top of the list—filling the pot or the hole about one-third of the way. Our dad, Shimon, a retired landscaper (and a Sag like us!), recommends watering this soil and adding organic fertilizer to strengthen the plant’s roots.

Place the plant inside, ensuring that the roots are well covered with soil. Water again so the soil is fully moistened. If there is room (and we recommend leaving some), place crystals in the soil to charge the plant and make your wish garden sparkle. Tend to it regularly, as a symbolic way of bringing your wishes into form.

Other ideas for a 2020 Taurus new moon ritual: 

  • Clean all the receipts and junk out of your wallet and fold your bills nicely: this new moon is all about giving your money some R-E-S-P-E-C-T
  • Give yourself a clay mask or body scrub
  • Ask your partner for a massage or try rolling on a massage ball
  • Make a meal using all natural ingredients, especially root vegetables like carrots, beets and yams

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