6 Reasons The VMAs Should Keep Sagittarians Off the Stage

Another year, another Sagittarius female pop star under 30 uses the MTV Video Music Awards to morph from America’s sweetheart into full-on pop tart. Or, the stage produces an unfortunate moment that dogs her for the rest of the year—if not her life. Here, a few examples of Sagittarius “girls gone wild” (and other moments) that left collective jaws on the floor.


1. Miley Cyrus isn’t listening to her publicist anymore. Clearly. You’d better (not) twerk.


2. A dazed Britney, abs airbrushed, bombs at the 2007 VMAs with “Gimme More.” (Please don’t, thanks.)


3. Some would argue this was a GOOD thing, but the Britney-Madonna kiss was definitely unexpected.


4. Britney & Xtina, a Sagittarius sandwich (Sag-wich). But seriously, fierce Sags should never play the concubine. Not even to a Leo like Madonna.


5. Totally not her fault (ahem, Gemini Kanye West). But still…on the very same VMA stage.


6.  Taylor Swift marred her sweetheart status a little this year by mouthing the f-bomb when ex Harry Styles got onstage.

Ah well, what else can you expect when the zodiac’s most outspoken (and sometimes its raunchiest) sign performs at a live show?

I'll look at it later