8 Tips For Staying In Love During The 4-4 Libra Lunar Eclipse

Libra Lunar Eclipse

March may come in like a lion, but astrologically, April 2015 is off to an equally fierce start. The full moon on 4/4 will be a total lunar eclipse in Libra—the sign that governs committed partnerships and long lasting love. Our most dynamic duos will be thrust into the cosmic spotlight for examination early this month. And what comes to the surface could be a little unsettling.

Think about it: Eclipses, quite literally, reveal shadows. The Sun, Earth, and moon all assemble into a straight line to put on this celestial light show for us to behold. On the 4th, the Earth’s shadow will paint the full moon reddish-brown for a brief window of time, earning it the ominous “Blood Moon” signature. If you live in the States you can wake up in the wee hours to see the lunar eclipse in its full glory.

And while there may be some battle scars from this eclipse, take heart. Libra is the sign of justice and resolution. This full moon is angling for peace, love, and harmony as the final solution. But we all know that sometimes it takes a hardcore meltdown to bring everyone’s truth to the surface and allow the REAL negotiating to begin.

Of course, said meltdowns may very well be underway. This past March 20, the first of spring’s two eclipses rocked the heavens. That one was a total solar (new moon) eclipse in Pisces, the sign that rules our subconscious fears, hidden needs, and the fantasies we lock away in the chamber of secrets. We’ve heard reports of intense revelations coming up for people. Some of these left relationships on shaky ground. The liquid nature of the Pisces eclipse has left us grasping for a safe container to understand all the bizarre or unsettling insights that have come up. Mainly: What does this mean for us?

Enter the Libra lunar eclipse, just in the nick of time. Let’s call it The Negotiator (sorry William Shatner, we’ll give you your title back in May).

Finding resolution will bring its challenges. The Libra lunar eclipse will be locked in a three-way tug-of-war called a T-square with carnal, calculating Pluto and capricious, liberated Uranus. We may feel pulled in wildly divergent directions for the month following this eclipse, longing for partnership, freedom, and total control all within the span of five minutes. So brace yourselves for the ride and try not to make any sudden moves. Then, hop on over to Elle.com to read our 8 eclipse tips for keeping The Love Boat from capsizing: http://www.elle.com/life-love/sex-relationships/advice/a27580/libra-lunar-eclipse/