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March 2013 Monthly Horoscope

Hello, fresh start! With a sweet bouquet of planets in Pisces (the revitalizing Sun, clever Mercury, spicy Mars, romantic Venus and spiritual Neptune), this month is your big debut. After tying up loose ends and making peace with your past in February, you’re ready to share your sublime new self with the world. Since the first house rules appearance, you may decide to totally revamp your look this month. If you normally sport a signature main of windblown curls, you might suddenly opt for straight and sleek. Or maybe the external shift is that you suddenly begin speaking with confidence and authority, rather than being meek and apologetic. Now there’s a makeover that suits you, Pisces. Stand tall and speak your truth!

Get set to ring in your personal new year on March 11, when a Pisces new moon activates a fresh six-month cycle for personal goals. Celebrate where you’ve been, how far you’ve come and where you’re headed. If you’ve had any uncertainty about your path, you’ll gain new insight around the new moon. Watch for clues of the divine and magical sort—you could be seeing “signs” and coincidences everywhere. 

The only caution to this otherwise fabulous time is that communicator Mercury is retrograde (backward) in Pisces until March 17. This could cause you to feel misunderstood whenever you put yourself out there, i.e. in your ebullience, you offer some ideas to a pal, who thinks you’re meddling, when you thought you were just being generous. You might need to clarify your intentions—or even swallow your pride and apologize if you put your foot in your mouth.  

The Pisces party starts to wind down on March 20, when the bold Sun moves into Aries, your second house of work and money. After you’ve hauled the empty Veuve bottles out to recycling, you’re pumped to roll up your sleeves and get to work. During this time, you can solidify some of the exciting ideas and new ventures (think: horseback riding retreats by the sea; a revamped menu for your restaurant; an app that connects do-gooders with worthy causes) you came up with while the Sun was traipsing through your sign. All that enthusiastic energy you generated can be put into tangible action, especially the last week of the month, when four planets meet up in Aries, highlighting issues of money and security. This influence helps you become more settled in your own skin…which is good, since Pisces can easily become scattered, day-dreamy or even overly dependent on others. Let the grounding begin. 

The month ends with an intense full moon in Libra, your eighth house of intimacy and joint ventures. This is a big moment for a relationship, possibly heralding an engagement, pregnancy or some other step that brings you closer and reaffirms that you and this person are in it to win it. Or, you might find that a lucrative, powerful business collaboration becomes legit. (“Where can I sign?” you want to know, stat.) You might receive a windfall of money, such as unexpected royalties or an inheritance, or possibly face a large expense: perhaps a hefty tax, insurance, legal or home repair bill. Full moons represent completion and turning points, so you may decide to call it quits with a collaborator or romantic partner. This could cause some financial disruption, especially if there are disagreements while negotiating the division of assets, resources and time. Money is one of those touchy topics (along with sex, exes and sex with exes) so be careful, as tempers could flare and you could have some knee-jerk emotional reactions. 

This potent full moon also forms a tense square to shadowy Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of group activity, causing some potential discord with friend or colleague. Perhaps a person you thought had your back is actually jealous and acting out in uncharacteristically mean-spirited ways…or someone you trust is not being totally upfront (so maybe those cryptic Facebook status updates about “people who do X” really was passive-aggressively pointed at you). You may need to dig deep and not take things at surface level just because the person is shrugging off the suggestion that things are anything but rosy between you. Listen to your gut. You may decide to break away from a group alliance if it’s keeping you in a holding pattern. After all, the company we keep matters…just ask these researchers who found that your social networks affect your mood:
Forget what Beyonce says—put your damn own ring on it! This month, the biggest commitment you need is from (and to) yourself. Soulful, devoted self-loving is the order of the day, and you’re helped by an unusual planetary pileup in Pisces, which revs your desire to dig deep and recognize your inherent beauty and worth. It’s time to truly invest in YOU. Your generous sign is used to helping the needy, the disenfranchised, even the temperamental boss who seems to not know that vocal temper tantrums aren’t cool. But this time is all about you, not them. To commemorate the occasion, give yourself a total makeover, from the inside out. Pick up a stylish new coat or take some risks with your makeup (like these fuchsia lipsticks: If there are old beliefs you’ve been tending too unnecessarily, i.e. that you have to play small so your mom won’t get jealous, weed ‘em out. Savor the attention being lavished on your right now, especially from that mysterious stranger—but don’t feel like you OWE someone a relationship. As the zodiac’s most wanted sign this month, it’s your right to just revel in the admiration. 

With mental Mercury backward (retrograde) in Pisces until March 17, you may be inspired to take a good hard look at yourself and see where you might be getting in your own way when it comes to earth-shattering, swooning romantic fulfillment. We all have blind spots, Pisces, and now, you’re getting a cosmic boon, because you can actually see where you might be engaging in a little self-sabotage, i.e. always chasing the bad boys (or girls) who have no intention of taking any trips down the aisle, even though you proclaim that’s what you want. Awareness is the first step to lasting change.

Once you’re clearer on YOU, you’re primed to establish your new relationship values. Defining boundaries is a critical step to any healthy partnership, and later in the month, when a small army of planets moves into Aries, your second house of stability, you’re ready to stand by your needs, so you and your honey (or you alone) can really build some lasting security. For example, if you have qualms about your love keeping ties with a particular ex, say so aloud. Otherwise, your concerns could fester and turn into full-blown arguments and resentments. Or, if you need your partner to respect your closeness with, say, your sister, explain why family ties are important to you, and see if you can better understand what the underlying issue is. Luxurious and indulgent date nights are on the cosmic agenda, so plan some decadent date nights. Make reservations at that romantic tapas restaurant, where you can dish, dine and drink in style. More sangria, please!

Aligning with the stability-minded stars, a March 27 full moon in Libra lights up your eighth house of intimacy and permanent bonding. This could be a serious turning point, as a relationship either ends because it doesn’t serve you on the soul level you crave, or you realize that it does serve you, and you and your S.O. end up making things official, perhaps by making plans for cohabitation, an engagement, wedding or pregnancy. Either way, the doubts fall away, as you realize that your feelings are more significant than your rationalizations as to why or why not this can work. Single Fish may find that a budding sexual attraction reaches an undeniable peak. In this all or nothing phase, you may be tempted to act on it, even when there’s something a little taboo about this situation. 

Since this potent full moon opposes spicy Mars and get-your-freak-on Uranus in Aries, your second house of self-worth, make sure that you’re not shoring up your self-esteem with head games or by playing the femme fatale. Steer clear of power plays, such as making someone wild with desire and then pulling away, just so you can feel strong. That kind of “power” is an illusion, Pisces—and a harmful one at that. Another possibility is that you strip down to your skivvies way before it feels right in your gut, all because you think getting overly physical will help fulfill a need to feel “wanted.” If that’s the case, you’re better off using your keen imaginative powers to get down and dirty in your fantasy life, where no living, breathing being (and, yes, that includes you) is actually in danger of getting hurt. 

As if that weren’t enough for you to ponder, this heavy full moon is also squaring Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of friendships. Friends may not understand or approve of your relationship choices, seriously ruffling your feathers—as if it’s their place to weigh in. Maybe the issue is not that you’re being steamrolled here, but that you’ve given them too much access to your personal biz. If you’ve dialed up your BFF every time there’s a small upset in your romantic life, treating her as if she were a veritable crisis hotline, it’s your responsibility to clean up the codependent ties. Draw new, healthy boundaries, but do so in a loving way. After all, you helped set up this “need-to-be-needed” dynamic. So dismantle it with love and compassion. If you need some help, please check out this book on breaking unhealthy ties:
Lead the charge, Pisces! With the small army of planets in your sign, this is a perfect time to branch out on your own or engage in a project that furthers your own interests. Usually, you’re a great team player and can even be satisfied working behind the scenes. But now, you have a very clear sense of who you are and what special gifts you have to offer the world—and now is not the time to be bashful. Stake your claim and don’t be shy about sharing your unique brand of divinity with a wide audience. 

Maybe you feel especially “you” when engaged in some seriously dark humor. Instead of feeling guilty, like you’re not PC enough, embrace it. For a little inspiration, check out this comedic web series (about a psychic animal healer, nonetheless), which is the product of one woman’s drive to respect her natural gifts: So get on it, Pisces. Be yourself in the best, most satisfying (and full throttle) way possible…whether you’re a volunteer running a story hour for pediatric cancer patients or a litigator slaying your opponent in court, this is a no-holds-barred opportunity to embrace your essence. 

Just don’t forget that intelligent Mercury is retrograde (backward) in Pisces until March 17, so you may want to save the big roll out for the second half of the month, when the cosmic skies are clearer. On March 11, the Pisces new moon is the perfect day to chart your new course. The brand new YOU is ready to tackle the world, so use this day to get clear on your intentions, whether you want to launch your own coaching business or begin a series of deeply personal paintings. The next six months could bring exciting developments, so get moving now.

Also on March 11, go-getter Mars enters Aries, your second house of work and finance, bringing both job stress and money mojo. You could feel some uncomfortable tension with a coworker, or perhaps you’re racing to meet a deadline and really feeling pressured to pull off a miracle on a tight timeline. Later in the month, four planets gather in Aries, bringing a strong focus to your finances. Of course, these are some of the most hotheaded planets—the bold Sun, aggressive Mars and volatile Uranus—so take the bull by the horns and be assertive, outspoken and unflinching, especially if you want to have a money breakthrough. You’re not being “demanding” when you ask for a raise, Pisces. On the contrary, you’re demonstrating that you know your worth. 

Did someone say “jackpot”? Yep, on March 27, the Libra full moon lights up your eighth house of joint ventures, bringing a potential power-brokering collaboration or joint venture opportunity. Finally, you’re part of a dynamic blending of energies, which could positively benefit your long-term financial future. Around this day, you may want to make a large purchase, or deal with looming debt, perhaps for a car or piece of property. Your day-to-day cashflow might not be enough to cover this cost, though, which could require you to be resourceful. Or, if you’re toiling away and not saving a dime, you might need to get real. Sit down with a trusted financial planner and figure out a way to boost your bottom line. 

Since this potent full moon is square secretive, shadowy Pluto in Capricorn, your eleventh house of group associations, you may need to ask yourself: are you being TOO much of a team player here? (Yes, there is such a thing…especially if you’re sacrificing your personal time or energy you could otherwise devote to building your nest egg.) Perhaps the excitement of the full moon is overshadowed by guilt. Maybe you’re in a better position than some of your friends—but hey, don’t forget you’ve worked for this! Or, you might find yourself feeling resentful about a penny-pinching friend who is overly rigid about splitting the check down to the penny, even when she makes five times what you do. It’s not that you want her to take care of you…she’s worked hard for her money, too, after all. But her attitude is miserly, and that feels like a bigger imbalance in the relationship. As a Pisces, you’re naturally sensitive to these things. Instead of stewing quietly or bitching to another friend, use the strength of this influence to speak up powerfully, to let people know where you really stand. Just because you’re a touch psychic doesn’t mean that your pals are mind readers. Take the initiative to lovingly repair what might be “off” in this relationship.
It’s a brand new day, Pisces, as you awaken to your own awesomeness, thanks to five Pisces planets gathering in your first house of self. You’re feeling revived and ready to put a new, improved version of you out there. To boost the positive energy this fresh outlook brings, do things that keep you in a positive, can-do state of mind. And don’t underestimate the power of a makeover (or makeunder, if you usually leave the house in a cloud of Dior). These physical changes can really heighten your mood, since there are so many planets in your first house of appearance. Get your brazen, sultry style on, Pisces! 

Expect an emotional purge at the March 27 Libra full moon, which spotlights your eighth house of buried feelings. You might even want to book a therapy or energy healing session in advance, since some long-forgotten emotional gunk could really come up. Perhaps you have a self-esteem shakeup, where you tune into an aspect of your life that’s on shaky ground and is causing you to feel energetically off-kilter. Take your queasy feelings seriously. You might need to do some self-esteem repair and even examine a few of your friendships, which could be fundamentally at odds with your values. Also, don’t shoot the (brave) messenger, if a friend who has your back 100 percent offers up some honest feedback about something you know deep down is (sigh) true. Instead of denying it—or wholeheartedly believing this person and denying your own intuition—just chew on it. Maybe there’s a golden nugget of truth in there that’s worth examining, and could even lead to a breakthrough.


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