Aquarius 2017 Horoscope: Your Astrology Forecast

Your Aquarius 2017 horoscope: What’s ahead for your Sun sign?

Adapted from The AstroTwins’ 2017 Planetary Planner

Let the adventures begin! In 2017, expansive Jupiter spends ten months in your worldly ninth house of travel, entrepreneurship and higher learning. Bring your brightest ideas and loftiest visions to the party, Aquarius. With lucky Jupiter in this risk-taking zone, fortune favors the bold. If you’ve always wanted to tour the temples of Angkor Wat, get your Master’s degree, or launch a startup business, the stars are on your side. In the fall, Jupiter will move into Scorpio and your tenth house of success. Now, you’re ready to settle into a clear path, perhaps one that’s more established or focused.

2017’s upbeat and wide-angle vision is a welcome departure from the heavy and emotional energy that dominated much of 2016.

Either way, 2017’s upbeat and wide-angle vision is a welcome departure from the heavy and emotional energy that dominated much of 2016. Last year, Jupiter was in Virgo until September, moving through your intimate, internal and transformational eighth house. You did some deep inner work—and oh, what a butterfly you’ve emerged as!—but those confusing months in the chrysalis may have felt like your personal “dark night of the soul.” Leave all that behind you now, Aquarius. Set your sights on the bright and promising future that’s your astrological birthright this year.

Your ruling planet, innovative and progress-driven Uranus, is also a busy bee in 2017, making contact with two big cosmic Kahunas: Jupiter and Saturn. When outer planets connect, big shifts occur, as their slow movements tend to influence long-term trends in our lives.

Uranus is in Aries and your communication sector, radically revamping the way you speak, think and socialize. Twice this year (in March and September), Uranus will oppose Jupiter, which could lead to some major revelations, lightning-bolt epiphanies or game-changing news. Fasten your seatbelt!

Meantime, Uranus will spend much of the year in sweet synchronicity with old-school Saturn, which is in your eleventh house of groups, technology and humanitarian causes. No more waiting for the world to change, Aquarius. YOUR powerful voice could snap people into action or champion a cause by bringing together the old guard and the new thinkers. Now there’s a mission worthy of your next 12 months!

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Change is in the air! Two eclipses in your relationship house (in February and August) could completely reshuffle the romantic ranks or help you boldly take the reins in a partnership. You’re changing as an individual, and your love life needs to evolve along with that. Single Aquarians might meet someone with real-deal potential, in an unexpected way. Just watch for love-planet Venus’ retrograde in March and April, which can disrupt the harmony of relationships. Your public life shines this year, so get out and travel, take classes, explore world-changing ideas. While you’re in the zone and at your brightest, a kindred spirit could cross your path.

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Go big or go home! Lucky and venturesome Jupiter soars through your entrepreneurial and visionary ninth house until October, presenting you with a plethora of exciting opportunities. Explore all the options until then. Take a calculated risk or even consider going back to school. You’ll be able to settle on a path—or attract an opportunity you can’t refuse—once Jupiter moves into your career house this October. Pull out your power suit and make some serious moves before the year ends. A February eclipse in your work and money house could bring an exciting job offer, a money-making opportunity, or clarity around your path. The August 7 Aquarius lunar eclipse can boost a solo project or rocket you into a leadership role. Get ready for your close-up!


Adventure is the key to your wellbeing this year. Skip the elliptical machines and head into the great outdoors: hiking, biking, snowshoeing, burpees on the beach. Teaming up with a small, like-minded group will keep you motivated, too, as your community-oriented sign loves to weave socializing into everything you do. At the end of the year, Saturn will move into your restful twelfth house, sounding the call to pace yourself and do some deep inner work to heal any emotional blocks or unresolved baggage.


Time for a new crew? Aquarians can be friends to the world, but with serious Saturn in your group activity house, you’re inspired to upgrade your inner circle. If you’ve outgrown some people or are no longer on the same wavelength, that’s okay. You may also combine business and pleasure this year, mingling with influencers and avant-garde thinkers at events that promote a humanitarian cause. Collaborations could hit a couple speed bumps, but with hard work and compromise, you can make powerful change together. Time for a career in politics, anyone?

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