Aquarius Season: 5 Ways to Style Your Month by the Stars

Created in partnership with Frederique’s Choice

From January 20-February 18, the Sun is making its annual trip through Aquarius. No matter what your zodiac sign is, we are all affected by Aquarius themes now: creativity, individuality, teamwork and humanitarian causes. It’s a time to put our original stamp on everything, to team up with like-minded people and make your mark on the wider world.

Ophira Edut Frederique van der Wal horoscope bouquetPin

Ophi gets her own Aquarius bouquet from Frederique. Whoa, ginormous roses!

In that spirit, we’ve joined forces with iconic Dutch model, TV personality/producer and Virgo flower connoisseur Frederique van der Wal, creator of Frederique’s Choice and host of FYI’s new show Homegrown Makeover.

Frederique, a down-to-earth glamazon, entrepreneurial mogul and astrology lover, channeled her passion for the stars AND flowers into her monthly Horoscope Bouquets, customized with gorgeous blooms that magnify the unique energy of each zodiac sign.

We believe that beauty is an energetic attractor, and we make a conscious effort to surround ourselves with inspiring design. You can order these enchanting Horoscope Bouquets individually (hello, perfect birthday gift) or subscribe and receive one each month, helping you draw in the special energy of the current zodiac sign. Delivery is available in select areas—and expanding to more—so click here to shop or be notified of availability in your area. Enjoy an exclusive 10% discount for with the promo code ASTROSTYLE.

5 ways to design your home or workspace for Aquarius season power:

Here are Frederique’s flower choices and some special horoscope-inspired decorating and lifestyle ideas.

Colors: Blue, purple, indigo
Shapes: Triangles, geometric
Element: Air (cool, thoughtful, spreads ideas)
Materials: Metal, glass, wire
Objects: Vases (to symbolize the water bearer), sculptures, painted tiles
Music: Indie & experimental bands, electronic/ambient
Aromatherapy/essential oil: Neroli
Wellness focus: Circulation and breathing
Superfoods to enhance: Ginger, dark chocolate, oranges, cayenne pepper
Yoga pose: Tree pose—to stay rooted while reaching to infinite heights

aquarius horoscope artPin

L-R: Aquarian-style sculpture. Neroli oil. Metal napkin rings (

1. Dream big, but keep your feet on the ground.

During Aquarius season, there’s a danger of getting too scattered or unrealistic. The Aquarius Horoscope Bouquet reminds you to stay grounded while launching your big dreams. Blues, greens, purples and deep indigos are the Aquarius palette, and this month‘s flower arrangement was designed with this in mind. Blue and violet are the highest vibration colors on the spectrum, known for bridging our inner dreamers and our practical sides.

2. Make peace with the past and move ahead.

During Aquarius season, our thoughts turn to the future—not in a “ten year plan” kind of way, but as visionaries, imagining better options for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. “What else is out there?” Aquarius wonders. “Is there a new way I could approach this old problem?” Try a new strategy. Better to stop and smell the roses than get stuck dwelling on the same-old drama.

How I (Ophi) styled my Aquarius Horoscope Bouqet. Amazing eucalyptus & rose scent. Ahh!Pin

How I (Ophi) styled my Aquarius bouquet. Inhaling eucalyptus & roses while I write your February horoscopes. Ahh!

3. Be original.

Aquarius is ruled by quirky Uranus, the only planet that spins on its side! During this trailblazing season, doing things from a “sideways” approach can bring amazing results. This is a month to question everything, think outside the box, break the mold. Aquarius energy awakens both the rebel AND the genius within. The turquoise-blue hydrangeas in the Aquarius Horoscope Bouquet enhance our originality, vision and compassion, while the Bells of Ireland add a splash of the unexpected…just as we should do!

4. Pour it all out.

Aquarius is symbolized by a figure pouring water out of a jug or vase. Because of this, many people think Aquarius is a water sign, but it actually one of the zodiac’s three thoughtful and communicative air signs. During Aquarius season, it’s time to share what you’ve been keeping inside. Pour out the depths of your imagination and don’t be afraid of being “weird” if you do it! Since Aquarius rules friendships and groups, this open sharing will help you connect with a like-minded tribe. Aquarius is also the sign of freedom, so let go and release your troubles, freeing yourself from any emotional burdens you’re carrying.

Who else remembers these vintage Frederique shots? Gorgeous!Pin

Who else remembers these vintage Frederique shots? Such natural Virgo beauty.

5. See possibilities & opportunities where others don’t.

Aquarius is one of the most kind and open-minded signs of the zodiac. It rules technology, science, innovation and discovery—so adopt that curious mindset yourself. This month, try this practice: When you hear a new idea, ask yourself, “Why not?” Champion ideas that others may be skeptical about—even ones you’d normally be quick to shoot down. As Nelson Mandela said, “It only seems impossible until it’s been done.” The delphiniums in the Aquarius Horoscope Bouquet symbolize infinite possibility, and that’s what Aquarius season offers us all.

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