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Aries New Moon: Choose Your Battles & Fight With Heart

Has anyone else felt a tense or frustrated vibe in the air for the last couple weeks? This year’s spring awakening was more like a jolt from a loud alarm clock. Since the end of March, the planets have been gathering in Aries, the zodiac’s fearless fighter sign. Stress and motivation have built up in equal doses, but many of us feel like ticking time bombs, unsure where to direct our considerable energy.

At today’s new moon, FIVE heavenly bodies are in Aries. Three of these are bold warriors who don’t back down from a fight: the Sun, intensifying Mars (ruler of Aries) and unpredictable Uranus. Their cosmic confab has set the world on edge, making fuses short and tempers hot. (“You talkin’ to me?” these planets challenge.) Smoothing out the rough edges, we have peacemaker Venus in Aries, and today, the sensitive new moon. But still…it’s a lot of energy in one place!

In the midst of this anxious mix, the new moon is like a tiny flashlight, pointing us to prioritize our truest passions and emotions. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s uncomfortable. But there’s something we can take from this, too. When you’re in the pressure cooker, there’s not time to overanalyze. It’s all about action, instinct and will. So tap into those primal forces at the Aries new moon today, and watch what bubbles to the surface.

Here are a few suggestions: 

Find your fight.

Sometimes, it’s smart to throw in the towel. You’re done, and the energy you expend is never gonna pay off. In that case, it might be quitting time. But other times, fear of the unknown is why you suddenly have that migraine, cancel plans, pick a fight with your loved ones, crave another candy bar/ cigarette/ drink. Take inventory today and see where you’ve given up too soon. Then hoist yourself up and get back on the mat.

For a little retro-cheese inspiration, here’s Rocky Balboa’s speech to his son on self-belief in the last of the Rocky movies:



Be selfish…for a cause.

Nakedly honest and unapologetic, Aries energy can stun us with its entitlement. It can also inspire us. Aries is unafraid to want more, to desire—and this can be the basis for prosperity. In our amateur Kabbalah studies, we learned an interesting principle. Kabbalah teaches that there are two kinds of desire: the desire to receive in order to share, or the desire to receive for the self alone. When we want just for ourselves, we burn out fast. When we desire an abundant crop to feed the village, the universe is happy to give us more and more. (For more on this, check out Yehuda Berg’s easy-to-digest book The Power of Kabbalah.)

Tune your passion-o’-meter to E (for excitement).

When was the last time you felt genuine excitement or joy about something? The Aries new moon prompts us to awaken that molecule-swirling, spine-tingling feeling. Let the hot blood pump through your veins, springing you into action.

As it turns out, passion is an essential element of living a fulfilled life, and the Aries new moon serves up a reminder. As we’ve heard it said, emotions are E-motion—energy in motion. When we can FEEL something, we can move it. So let joy and passion help you get unstuck. For a treatise on this, we like Danielle LaPorte’s recent blog on the difference between happiness and joy.

Or, check out this trippy but truthful video of medium Darryl Anka channeling a spirit entity called Bashar, who speaks about “finding your highest excitement.” While you might get a giggle out of Bashar’s inflections, we love his directive: always do the thing that you find most exciting FIRST. As he says, ”following the excitement is actually the shortest, fastest, straightest path.” Excitement leads to synchronicities—which tell us that we’re plugged into a higher field of consciousness and attraction. So the next time you’re stuck in “analysis paralysis,” just look for the next exciting thing you can take action on—and do it.


Do more of what matters, less of what doesn’t.

Enough said. Happy Aries new moon!