Last-Minute Gift Shopping: An Astrological Cheat Sheet

Holiday shopping can be a challenge no matter what. Here, a few astrological tips to ease your quest for the perfect present this year. (You can also check out our Refinery29 gift guide here.)

It’s all about being first for trendsetting Aries, so get your Ram the latest gadget or fashion to flaunt. Hue hint: Shiny metallics and reds are an Aries favorite. Aries is a brainy sign that bores easily, and needs lots of mental and physical stimulation. Give the gift of entertainment — especially audio books, video players, and anything that can be enjoyed while working out — so your Aries can learn while she burns.

“Posh yet practical” is the gifting motto when shopping for tasteful Taurus. Even the grungiest Bull has a nose for quality, and gets great joy from using high-end gifts in everyday life — cooking, dressing, relaxing. Your Taurus always knows when the finest ingredients and materials were used, so better to get something simple and sophisticated than big and flashy.

Give ’em something to talk about — literally! Gemini is ruled by speedy Mercury, the town crier of the solar system. The best gifts for Gemini are also conversation pieces, or gadgets that help them either consume or create media. Anything crafty is great, too — Gemini rules the hands and loves a good DIY project. Bonus points if your gift provides the perfect excuse for Gemini to invite their gaggle of friends over to share the fun. Movie night, anyone?

Comfort and nostalgia are the key ingredients when shopping for this sentimental sign. They adore anything with a personalized touch, whether it’s monogrammed, engraved with a message, or a rare collector’s item, like a signed original print or depression glass vases. Don’t shy away from vintage flea markets and online auctions. Cancer is the sign of home and family, and they love gifts for entertaining, cooking and prettying up their quarters.

Energetic Leos love to be the center of attention, or at least to put on a great show. Whether it’s hosting a party for 250 of their closest friends or glamming up in a head-turning outfit, the best gifts engage Leo’s creativity and help the zodiac’s Lion spice up ordinary life with his or her personal flair. Bright colors, shiny metallics, larger-than-life experiences — there’s no such thing as “too much” for showy Leo!

Fussy Virgo loves to give, but has a harder time receiving. Although getting gift requests out of this sign can be harder than squeezing confessions out of acriminal, Virgos are usually loyal to a few tried-and-true brands. Crafty Virgo always has a hobby or two, and tends to be obsessed with something new every year — so look to Virgo’s latest curiosity for clues. Consummate hosts and clean freaks, Virgos are often foodies, so try high-end kitchenware or household gadgets. As Earth signs, they like eco-friendly gifts made from natural, high-quality materials.

Ruled by romantic Venus, Libras adore beauty and luxury. Designer labels always delight them, but if you’re not rocking a Burberry budget, anything that creates a fond memory will do. As the sign of relationships, Libras love anything that sparks social interactions: theater tickets, board games, museum membership. Candy and chocolate appeal to Libra’s notorious sweet tooth, while coffee-table books pique their cultural literacy. Nothing is too “mushy” for sentimental Libra, so be sure to enclose a handwritten, thoughtful card with any gift.

Intense Scorpio cherishes private time, whether it’s spent engaged in a hobby or hosting intimate tête-à-têtes with lovers and friends. Don’t worry if you can’t read the complicated instructions for putting their presents together. Sharp-minded Scorpio loves a puzzle or a mystery — whether that’s solving a complex brainteaser or figuring out what makes people tick. Anything they can make by hand (or take apart) will keep them tinkering away happily for hours. Many Scorpios love clothes and accessories in black-and-white or super-bright colors (often combined).

On-the-go, outdoorsy Sagittarians are the zodiac’s travelers, so any present you get needs to survive a rugged adventure. Visionaries and entrepreneurs, Sags are forever dashing between appointments, trotting ’round the globe, or multitasking like maniacs. They love an unusual gift that makes their busy, active lives easier (bonus if it can’t wrinkle in their backpacks or suitcases!). Get them imported goods from their favorite country or fun party items, like a karaoke machine or a ping-pong table. Sagittarius rules higher learning and publishing, so books, magazine subscriptions and educational products whet their curious appetites.

Classy, earthy Capricorn works hard and plays hard. Whether building a corporate empire or scaling a mountain, there’s always a goal in mind. Minimalists who love order, Caps enjoy gifts that make life more efficient and productive (gadgets that help them manage time and money score points). Bonus if it makes this serious sign crack a smile! Capricorns are often sporty and rugged, and they love outdoor equipment. As the sign of status, they love exclusive and limited-edition items, like monogrammed stationery, membership to an elite club or a framed family crest. Skip the bright colors and shiny surfaces. Capricorns favor sleek, simple elegance and classic style.

Modern-minded Aquarius loves all things funky and futuristic. You can’t go wrong with a gadget here, especially if it allows this über-social sign to stay in touch with friends or plan spontaneous meetups. As the sign of group activity, many Aquarians love team sports, so athletic gear (or even a Wii Fit) will score points. Aquarius is the zodiac’s humanitarian, and will appreciate gifts from an eco-conscious company that donates proceeds to a cause.

Channel your Fish’s fantasies with gifts that help dreamy Pisces bring their creativity to life. Photography, art, music, dance — gifts that encourage your Pisces to express his or her sensitive side are sure to please. Pisces love all things indie, like obscure bands, underground artists and undiscovered designers. Skip the megamall and gift-shop online at custom boutiques or even through Etsy shops. Compassionate to the world’s suffering, humanitarian Pisces may appreciate tickets to a black-tie charity ball, or even a donation to his or her favorite charity in lieu of a gift.

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