Astropreneurs: Start or Scale Your Business

Calling all mystics on a mission! Our monthly mastermind helps soul-centered entrepreneurs create, launch and scale a business you love.

Are you a person who KNOWS you’re here to do something important? 

You’ve got a destiny in this lifetime, a mission, a purpose. It wakes you up in the morning and visits you in your dreams.

The problem? You need help figuring out how to translate these divine visions into what you “do” for a living. 

Maybe your ideas don’t fit the traditional corporate or business mold. You long to make a difference, but you’ve still gotta pay the bills. And sometimes, trying to do both feels too hard.

Guess what? We see you—and we created this membership just for you. Join a community of creators, seekers and mystics on a mission who want to spend their days working on their soul’s purpose!


As an Astropreneur, you’ll discover the cosmic code you were born with, and build a brand or business around it—guided personally by The AstroTwins.

Good news: You CAN build a career that expresses your divine purpose! You just need to understand the map. In Astropreneurs, we’ll show you how to read it.

Whether you’re planting the first seed or growing a thriving entrerprise, we’ll keep your cosmic compass pointed in the right direction. Stay inspired, aligned and in action all year long with a supportive community that keeps your heart in the game.

If you’re a lightworker, soul-centered entrepreneur or changemaker by any name—let’s get your mission in motion!

“Astropreneurs put me on a new path of learning about who I am as a business woman in this great Universe, and like every star and planet, I have an integral place and purpose to fulfill.”

  • Cosmic communing: 2X live group coaching, uplifting pep talks and astrological guidance (with plenty of laughter and bonding)
  • Expert advice to help you build a fulfilling, meaningful business
  • Easy-to-digest astrology lessons you can apply right away
  • Star-powered strategies that ease overwhelm, stress and self-doubt
  • A private member platform + app to easily access learning, community and resources all in one convenient place — from any device!

The AstroTwins

Identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, known as The AstroTwins, are the founders of and the authors of multiple bestselling astrology books. Their horoscopes reach millions here and through their resident astrologer column at ELLE Magazine.