Raising your little ones by the stars

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Kids DO come with an instruction manual—their astrological chart. Momstrology is the complete guide to understanding how both you and your little one are guided by the stars, and how your charts play a factor in how you relate to each other.

Free Charts

Do a birth chart for your child!

When your child was born, the planets aligned to create their unique “cosmic blueprint.” Discover all the facets of your kid’s personality with an instant natal chart.

Family Astrology: Parenting Advice, Pet Horoscopes & More

Our Astrology Parenting Courses

Astrology + Parenting

Get our star-powered secrets for raising happy, healthy kids. This one-hour course explores how to nurture, discipline and direct kids of every zodiac sign.

Feng Shui For Families

From designing your child’s bedroom to how you navigate sibling dynamics – harness the power of Feng Shui for a happy and harmonious family!