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Astrostyle / Astrotwins Monthly Horoscopes February 2014

Welcome to February!

The year is marching on, and our February Monthly Horoscopes have the scoop on what’s in store.

The big news this month is that communication planet Mercury will be retrograde (backward) from February 6-28. Mercury retrograde can muddle all forms of technology, travel and social interactions. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so learn how to dodge Mercury’s mayhem in our Mercury retrograde post.

We’ve also just welcomed the Chinese New Year-specifically, the Year of the Horse! Exit the internal and intense Snake, enter the lively equestrian energy. Find out here how you can tap into the new year’s “horse power” for the rest of 2014.

Valentine’s Day features a Leo full moon, which should bring plenty of romance and heartfelt confessions. Of course, with Mercury retrograde, you’ll want to double-check those plans and reservations to prevent a mishap.

Enjoy your February Monthly Horoscope!

Cosmic Love,

Ophira & Tali
The AstroTwins

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