AstroTwins Radio: Leo Full Moon on January 23, 2016

leo full moon january 2016

Your horoscope for the January 23 Leo full moon: Dial down the drama and keep your heart open. Tali reports in our latest podcast.

Passion! Romance! Or a heaping helping of drama? At 8:45 p.m. EST we regale the full moon in Leo—the first full moon of 2016. Normally, a Leo full moon would put us all in an extremely playful and decadent space. But set against the backdrop of some intense planetary trends like Mercury retrograde (conjunct grim reaper Pluto!), Mars in simmering, secretive Scorpio and Venus now in conservative Capricorn, it might be hard to REALLY let our hair down. On this podcast, Tali explains how to tap these moonbeams for the perfect hybrid of pleasure and polish. 

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