Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for April 18th thru 24th 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

Paging Sherlock Holmes! The week unspools into the mysterious—and reading between the lines is a must. On Monday, mystical, metaphysical Pluto dips into its annual retrograde, inviting us deeper into the chamber of secrets between now and September 26. From 2008-2024, Pluto is trekking along the Capricorn trail, transforming big business, government and the economy. We’ve seen huge worldwide shifts in these arenas. Pluto’s “tear it down, destroy, then rebuild” fingerprints are all over these markets and arenas—just look at the stock and real estate markets, banks, and US Presidential candidates of the past eight years! Pluto retrograde can be a welcome time out from the intensity of change, and a chance to integrate and get introspective about our choices. On a personal level, we can re-evaluate what “keeping up with the Joneses” really means while Pluto backspins through Capricorn. It’s not about buying more stuff or leaving a huge carbon footprint, but rather, making meaningful choices that create a legacy instead. But do watch out for power struggles and shady characters slipping past the good judgment radar. Pluto retrograde can rouse dormant rivalries and throw off our intuition. Take nothing at face value and run those background checks!
The Sun hunkers down in stable Taurus on Wednesday, where it will remain until May 20, restoring some much-needed order to our courts. After a month of exhilarating-yet-erratic Aries sunbeams, we’ll all be grateful for this grounded groove. Simplify anything that’s become too complex—but not at the expense of luxury. Tasteful Taurus loves life’s finer things, as long as they have a legit purpose, too. For the past four weeks, Aries has been stoking our creativity and originality. Now, the rubber meets the road. Which of these innovative Ram-spurred visions can we actually bring to life? Taurus time is all about planning, project managing and putting some practical magic into the recipe.
On Friday, 2016’s only full moon in Scorpio charges the air with mystery and seduction. A spring fever outbreak could become pandemic over the weekend. Meow! Intense attractions that have been bubbling in the background could explode into a passionate, bodice-ripping good time. Privacy please! What happens in Scorpioville stays in Scorpioville and there may be a hush-hush or even clandestine quality to Friday’s events. The urge to merge heats up, both for pleasure AND business. Events in the boardroom could be as intriguing as those in the bedroom. And since Scorpio rules big money like investments, inheritances, loans and tax returns, we could make some bank (or break it) under these moonbeams. With the right collaborators, pure bliss or profitability are written in the stars. Lawyer up and make these lasting partnerships “officially official.”

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