Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for April 4th thru 10th 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

Slowwwww down. This Tuesday, April 5 mindful Mercury settles into practical, sensual Taurus until June 12—an extra long tour, due to Mercury’s upcoming retrograde from April 28 to May 22. (Consider yourself forewarned.) Rather than racing around and reacting to every whim, the next two months are all about careful planning. Which activities are really worth our time? Our precious hours, like our cash, should be invested wisely. Though pragmatic, Taurus loves practical luxury. With Mercury here, we’ll be attracted to objects that have an eternal rather than ephemeral quality—like antiques, gems, and family heirlooms. Tuck those mobile devices away when spending time with your people. Mercury in Taurus is old school, encouraging us to linger in legit “facetime” instead of logging into FaceTime! Mercury governs communication, but in Taurus, we can express ourselves more sensually than verbally. Set the mood with lighting, burn scented candles, add gourmet touches to food like truffle oil or pink Himalayan sea salt. Don’t underestimate the language of touch. Holding hands or offering a shoulder rub can make people putty in our hands.

The Ram basically rules the rest of the week as Venus blazes into Aries from Tuesday until April 29, igniting a fiery love jones. On Thursday, there’s a new moon in Aries. And the Aries sun makes three powerful aspects to Saturn, Pluto and Uranus, too. Make an ice run because it is getting pretty fiery in here! The temps rise significantly on Tuesday when ardent Venus heads into Ariesville. But who will light our first fire? That same day the Sun will trine Saturn, helping us make more, uh, mature selections. Can sexiness and stability come in the same package? On Tuesday it can. But on Wednesday, the Sun will lock horns with wicked Pluto and our base urges will have a strong say too—which means it might be bad boys FTW. With Venus in this impulsive position, we can expect urges to flare up then cool down, then blaze forth again. We’ll be restless romantics and our appetites may change by the hour. Forget about penning passionate love letters or pining for unrequited love. (You can save that for April 29, when the planet of amour decamps to Taurus.) Venus in Aries gives us the courage to just put it all out there in a wolf-whistling, street hissing, “Hey hottie, what’s your name?” kinda way. Single? Log in to Tinder and right-swipe anyone who catches your eye. There’s no guarantee this WON’T be a love match, and Aries energy helps us all act on instinct. Coupled? Change up your bonding strategy, STAT. Finish up that Netflix series you’ve got in the queue, read one more Rumi poem, and that’s it. Then, take your relationship to the dance floor, rock-climbing gym, or hiking trails. Activity dates are what daredevil Aries desires—and pumped full of endorphins, your “old ball and chain” could start looking like a dead-sexy fireball once again.
On Thursday, the new moon (2016’s second supermoon) in Aries restarts the lunar clock and refreshes the worldwide perspective on pretty much everything. Time to leave the past in the past! Like we mentioned, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac—daring and impulsive. This is one of the best times of the year for starting a new solo project or striking out on an independent path. No compromises, go for what you want! Since this new moon is parked at a close degree to structure-junkie Saturn and innovative Uranus, we can’t just throw anything slapdash—or dull—on the wall. We’ll also need to operate from a plan (Saturn) and tap into our social networks (Uranus) for support along the way. Circle October 16—the date of the corresponding full moon in Aries—to achieve a milestone or even complete the efforts that get initiated this week.
This Saturday, April 9 the geeks shall inherit the earth as the Sun makes its final planetary pass. This time it’s a direct connection to innovative Uranus as the two heavenly bodies team up at the same degree of revolutionary Aries. This once-a-year date gets the wheels of genius in motion. Nothing is too far-fetched to explore (in discussion at least). Go wild with the mind maps and whiteboard scrawls. With the Sun’s can-do confidence, the development and production phase may swiftly follow the ideation process. Uranus governs social change, humanitarian efforts and technology, making this a powerful week to tap into digital resources. Ready, set, upload!

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