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Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for December 21st thru 27th , 2015

Weekly Horoscopes

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas—in all those family-friendly, traditional ways. This Monday, December 21 the Sun heads into steady, stabilizing Capricorn for a month, helping us focus on what (and who) really matters. Since capable Capricorn is the governor of goal-setting, it’s no surprise we make our New Year’s resolutions under these sunbeams. And while it’s a little premature to dive in to get-down-to-business mode (can we have a vacation first…please?), those grander ambitions won’t be far from the forefront of our minds. What will it take to achieve that “high pro glow” in 2016? Think bigger! This is a potent week for visualizing success and thinking about the next steps in our professional ascents.


Honor thy father or thy father figures: Capricorn is the “big daddy” of the zodiac—and the Sun also represents paternal energy. And we can all lean into this metaphorical mode, too, stepping into the role of the provider where we see fit to lend support. Rather than getting swept into the emotion ocean, this solar-powered phase reminds us to take a deep breath and approach everything with a cool and rational sense of calm. Focus on solutions instead of harping on what’s wrong.


Christmas Day arrives with a full moon and some action from Uranus. (And, no—Santa isn’t playing a “naughty” joke on us or bringing any, er, asinine energy to our celebrations! #sorry/not sorry) As the presents are being unwrapped, a glowing full moon (supermoon!) in Cancer electrifies the skies, opening our hearts to love. And with dreamy, soulful Neptune in a sweet trine to la luna, this day could be seriously sentimental. Since Cancer is the sign of the mother and family love, we’ll all be happy to huddle with our most intimate crew—whether we’re actually celebrating the holiday or not. Home is where the heart is, whether we’re puttering about in PJs or making an orphan’s feast for friends who had nowhere to go for the seasonal celebrations. One exception: How about slipping off for a volunteer shift under the influence of charitable Neptune? Warning: Cancer energy CAN make us all a little moody, too. If we feel the need for space or solitude, slipping off would be wiser than forcing the social vibes to go on.

Also on Friday, we’ll feel the electrifying ripples of the planet Uranus, which rouses from a five-month retrograde. Since July 25 the cosmic revolutionary has been napping in Aries, making it hard for many of us to find our rebellious mojo—or at least point it in a proactive direction. Retrograde Uranus did, however, create more internal wake-up calls. Needless to say, this has not been the easiest for many of us. With warrior Aries in the mix, we may have felt like we were fighting against our own instincts: the war of the human animal versus the human spirit! It would probably be wise to forgive ourselves for slippery judgment calls and, er, transgressions. Some risks, as we’ve learned, just won’t be worth taking again. Uranus governs innovation, humanitarian works and technology. Any behind the scenes developments we’ve done in these arenas are ready for a public push now. Shop around that app, organize a benefit concert, learn effective strategies for social media. The community spirit is alive and kicking again as Uranus in Aries sends a “Power to the People” shout out!

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