Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for December 28th thru January 3rd, 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

Countdown to 2016—and the year is turning over with some savvy and seductive shifts. Cosmic lovebirds Venus and Mars both switch signs this week, adjusting the BPMs of our hearts. It begins on Wednesday the 30th as flirty Venus moves into worldly, liberated Sagittarius until January 23. Sorry brooding bad boys and scheming sugar mamas: The bawdy comedians and boho philosophers are going to win the midnight kiss game this NYE! Venus in Sagittarius invokes our wild sides AND our wanderlust. Forget staying home with sparkling cider and plans to be in bed by 12:02 a.m. on January 1. Venus has other plans for us, like carousing as the confetti rains, cross-cultural kisses (#LoveWins) and even hopping on a standby flight to watch the fireworks burst in an unexplored corner of the world. Can’t quite pull it off in time for the 31st? This Venus cycle opens minds and hearts until January 23 so stay in ambassador mode post-celebrations. Our personal borders should remain open to all high-vibe people who come our way, even (and especially) if they arrive in a package that’s unlike our own.

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Mars lingers in lovestruck Libra all week, adding fuel to Cupid’s fire and ensuring that we’ll ring in 2016 with romance and style. But on Sunday, January 3 get ready for a serious switcheroo! The passionate planet decamps to sizzling Scorpio for an extra-long voyage in 2016, making us long for more mystery, magic and mojo in our lives. Keep a hand on the cross-fader, because the mashup of Mars in Scorpio and Venus in Sagittarius is just plain weird. It’s kind of like mixing a Miley Cyrus track with Adele…versatility and patience will be required. Because Mars will be retrograde in 2016 (an event that happens every other year), he will weave back and forth between Scorpio and Sagittarius for nine whole months! Which means the awkward dance between control and liberation that we feel this week will continue through 2016. The first Mars in Scorpio cycle lasts from this Sunday until March 5. Then, the red planet zips into Sagittarius but turns retrograde (appearing to move backwards) on April 17. By May 27, Mars will have retreated back into Scorpio again, backstroking through these murky waters until June 29 and repeating the themes and lessons we’ll start learning on Sunday. From June 29 to August 3, Mars will power forward through Scorpio in direct motion, helping us make sense of the alchemical shifts this cycle is sure to bring.
Here’s some good news: Mars is back in its wheelhouse, as it is a co-ruler of Scorpio (along with Pluto). Is it getting hot in here? Try scorching! This lusty seven-week phase will be quite the bodice-ripper. Mars is bringing sexy back—but not the manufactured, Insta-filtered kind that arrives wearing Spanx, fake lashes and spray tans. Mars in sultry Scorpio likes to get down and dirty, intimately acquainted and emotionally raw. Get ready for some epic, soul-baring moments between January 3 and March 5! Cue the Nick Jonas, too. This Mars cycle can make us possessive and jealous ( For this reason, lust and trust must go hand in hand. Go deep and play for keeps.
The fun happens behind closed doors now, in both the bedroom and the boardroom. In addition to being the zodiac’s sex symbol, Scorpio is also the sign of shared resources and long-term investments. Motivator Mars here will inspire our urge to merge, both for business and pleasure. But beware those power plays! This is not the time to be naive, as people may have hidden agendas going on, ones that involve an unquenchable thirst for domination. Lawyer up and put agreements in writing. Shop around that business plan or set up a crowdfunding campaign. Raise your financial IQ by learning the finer points of playing the market or making bank through real estate—another area Scorpio reigns over. Reuse, repurpose and recycle though! Savvy Scorpio energy loves the challenge of turning trash into treasure, like this inspiring couple who created beauty from this tiny bungalow without buying a single thing brand new (

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