Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for February 1st thru 7th 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

Breathe easy everyone. As the workweek begins, there’s no need to wear your astrological armor on top of your power suit. From Tuesday through Thursday, the moon swings through Sagittarius, trading wisecracks, fist bumps and belly laughs with the Aquarius Sun. At last: some raucous, rowdy and randy energy to serve as comic (or shall we say, “cosmic”) relief after January’s trying times. Life doesn’t have to be THAT serious…does it? With this playful, jovial energy weaving through the week, we may see the divine humor in our struggles of early 2016. The idea-machine is whirring away, too, as the Sagittarius-Aquarius cocktail brings out the visionaries and philosophers in us all. Before forcing our barely-budding ideas into a hardcore structure, how about speculating on possibilities…the wilder and weirder the better. Cancel the conference calls and take the team to karaoke instead. Bonding builds rapport and gets the brain trust whirring in happy harmony. You might just solve the Q1 budget crisis while belting out David Bowie tributes in a huddle. #StrangerThingsHaveHappened
Ground control to Major Tom! As the weekend approaches, we’ll need to bring it back down to Earth again as amorous Venus makes two complex connections. This hot-and-cold mindf*** will churn up extreme reactions that change by the hour—or minute! On Friday, la love planet presses up against nefarious Pluto as the pair makes an exact conjunction in Capricorn. The vibe is definitely “va-va-voom” here as our animal instincts trump our rational minds. This erotically charged energy can bring sultry, soulful bonding to an all-time crescendo. Another positive of this transit? It can sharpen our intuition, helping us radar in on people’s hidden potential. That quietly intriguing person in the corner COULD be legit soulmate material. Say hello—in a cautiously optimistic way. The Venus-Pluto merger can also make us addictively attracted to danger and taboo, so what IS drawing us in? Hmmm. Jealousy, possessiveness and irrational control issues could bubble up, making it hard to feel secure no matter how many times our partners reassure us that they find us beautiful and, yes, our asses look amazing in our new wide-legged jeans. Argh.
On Saturday, Venus continues on her tear, duking it out with “you don’t own me!” Uranus. Suddenly, commitments can feel restrictive, giving us the urge to bolt for the closest exit or break up with someone for taking too long to call back. If it’s time to shake up a flatlining relationship with some spicy seduction, this transit MIGHT be helpful. Uranus rules electronics and gadgets, so that might even include a trip to the adult toy store. But impulsively posting an ad on AdultFriendFinder (or playing out a fantasy without discussing every angle first) will be like throwing a match into a gasoline-soaked room. Hang on…just a little longer. A word to the wise: If willpower isn’t your forte, keep the messenger window open with your most levelheaded wing(wo)men. Of course, they may be too busy reneging on their own moral codes to answer SOS texts in a timely manner. Better idea? Avoid the first drink from the toxic love potion and block, block, block that bad romance!
Sunday storms in with more hotheaded energy as the untamable Aquarius Sun locks horns with control freak Mars in Scorpio. Woe betide anyone who tries to fence us in—or refuses to cooperate with our rules! This royal rumble could get ugly if we let our tempers take hold. And with the heatseeking Sun and Mars in the frame, anger could boil up with little provocation. Steer clear of the button-pushers as the week wraps, take regular cool down breaks and move around—often! We’ll all be bundles of energy so find a productive outlet to burn it off, like hitting the ski slopes (or snowshoeing trails) or taking a challenging cardio class then working on a project that’s more physical than mental.

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