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Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for February 8th thru 14th 2016

Weekly Horoscopes

Make a wish! This Monday, February 8 brings a new moon in idealistic Aquarius, the sign of hopes and dreams. This new moon also kicks off the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey—a lively, playful and clever energy that is much more about strategy and originality than 2015’s fluffy “follow the flock” Sheep mode. Time to start ciphering away on our missions, mapping them out from all angles. And while last month’s new moon in Capricorn brought resolutions and goalsheets, this lunation takes our plans to a higher vibration. Aquarius is all about innovation, crowdsourcing and community love. How will our actions affect other people? How can we work together to bring dreams to fruition? Nobody lives in a bubble, after all. This new moon may inspire us to include collaborators and come together for a collective benefit; even adding a humanitarian twist to our efforts. On Saturday, messenger Mercury is hot on the new moon’s trail, heading into Aquarius until March 5. Sharing is definitely caring as the week bodes on. We’ll all be more eager to find our tribes of kindred spirits, too. If a group doesn’t exist that reflects your vibe, start one up yourself. You could do this in real time or online since Aquarius is the sign governing technology. Geek is chic under this starmap, making NOW the time to begin developing dot-com and digital dreams. Set August 18 as a potential launch date when the corresponding full moon in Aquarius will bring a bountiful and binary harvest.
Aquarius is also the sign of universal affection rather than romantic obsession. While this can cool down Cupid’s game, it also reminds us that Valentine’s Day isn’t just about vibing with the people who share our beds. It was Aquarius Bob Marley who sang “One Love,” after all. Make a point of appreciating life-affirming connections of every variety—amorous, platonic, familial, whatever. The sweet, simple acknowledgment of another person’s energy can light up their lives. It’s human nature to want to be seen and accepted!
Fortunately all romantic signals will NOT be intercepted by the Water Bearer’s casual-cool this week. On Wednesday, love planet Venus makes the first of three galvanizing trines—auspicious 120-degree angles—to bountiful Jupiter. (The sequels drop on May 10 and Christmas Day!) This big-hearted energy makes us all suckers for love. Diplomatic Venus and candid Jupiter can bring some world-class flirting, sexting and pillow talk, too. One caveat: Jupiter is retrograde in modest Virgo and Venus is in composed Capricorn. Do be discreet about those love notes—and make sure you’re sending the boudoir shots and d***pics to the RIGHT recipient. (Daniel and Dad are a little too close for comfort in the contact list…#horrifiedscreeeeeaaaaam!) V-Day arrives with a traditional Taurus moon, which bodes well for playing by Saint Valentine’s rule book. Enjoy the sensual decadence this lunation brings, whether single or spoken for. And at 6:13 p.m. EST, fearless Jupiter will trine the moon, amping up our swagger and bringing some adventurous vibes to the celebration. Let your hair down and let love rule.

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