Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for April 21st thru 27th, 2014

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When it’s time to transform, resistance is futile. And that’s the case this week, folks, as the planets remind us that the only thing constant is change. This Wednesday, April 23 marks the much-talked-of Grand Cardinal Cross. A quartet of hotheaded planets—Jupiter, Pluto, Mars and Uranus—will marshal themselves into an exact square formation that day, a four-way tug of war in the skies. This rare alignment stretches us to our limits and forces us to rebalance the load…or risk getting completely burnt out. A shift is inevitable this week; and for many of us, a major one. Instead of digging in our red-painted heels and insisting that things remain “as they’ve always been,” the best method for sailing through unscathed is to be both rooted and flexible, like leaves of grass blowing in the wind.


Inside the Grand Cardinal Cross are two pairs of opposing planets—and that’s where the greatest tension lies. Expansive, show-pony Jupiter in Cancer sits directly across from controlling, secretive Pluto in Capricorn. The growing demands of our personal lives will not blend well with the traditional recipe for success this week. (Hard work, elbow grease, more midnight oil.) Although we may think we’ve evolved beyond certain issues, shadowy Pluto could shake the remaining skeletons in our closet. And since these planets are in Cancer (the mother sign) and Capricorn (the father sign), the inner child could throw a tantrum, stirring up pain from the past. Trouble related to authority figures could bubble up, along with events related to our financial security and living situations. Seek a middle ground between rebellious and subservient; emotional heat and rational cool.


The second showdown in this Grand Cross? Brash, warrior Mars in Libra goes head-to-head with impulsive, explosive Uranus in Aries. Anger management alert! Pressure could come from our closest partnerships this week—and with Uranus’ combustible influence, it might just feel easier to storm off, unfriend, or suddenly split up. Go easy on these theatrical tactics. Bridges that are burned this week will not be easily reconstructed. People who have been doing more taking than giving will get a harsh wakeup call from Mars and Uranus—and the doormats of the world may finally get some backbone and stick up for themselves. Expect to see the balance of power equalize in some dramatic ways. For a more in-depth explanation of the Grand Cardinal Cross, read our blog post here:



Fortunately, the same day as the Grand Cross, the stars serve up a dose of levelheaded energy. Messenger Mercury switches signs this Wednesday, joining the Sun in grounded, pragmatic Taurus until May 7. Taurus is an earth sign, helping us plant our feet on terra firma—despite the push-pull from other cosmic events. If the Grand Cross illuminates an especially messy area of life, Mercury in Taurus hands us the rubber gloves and gives us the dedication to push through a spring-cleaning mission. Boil it down to basics. A simple plan works best now. (We can always add the bells and whistles later). Green is the new black now, so before buying everything new, repurpose, upcycle, and reclaim. Garrulous Mercury governs our communication too. While in Taurus, we’ll have our finest interactions on Mother Nature’s playground. Bring on the picnics, walks through the woods, and softball in the park!

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