Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for April 27th thru May 3rd, 2015

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Wax on, wax off. Now do it again. From Monday through Thursday, the energizing Sun joins driven Mars and curious Mercury in Taurus—the sign of solid foundations. Moving at a measured pace doesn’t mean we’ll reach the finish line any later. Quite the contrary! Conserving resources and operating from a plan will ensure that we don’t burn out halfway through the game. This week, making mindfulness an M.O. can lead to smarter, sounder choices. Whatever you’re building—be it a relationship or your personal empire—do so with integrity. Dot every “i.” Cross every “t.” The extra time will be worth it.


On Thursday, quirky Mercury leaves the Taurus trifecta and moves on to Gemini until July 8. It’s rare for the messenger planet to stay in one sign for so long—this extended visit is due to a retrograde from May 18 to June 11. Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini bringing a double shot of curious, communicative vibes. Like a swarm of social butterflies, we’ll be called out of our cocoons to find our kindred spirits and playmates. Gemini is the zodiac’s twin, making this a fabulous time to pair up on projects, work the buddy system, or find a spring-summer road dog for festivals, beach trips, and dancing under the stars. Mercury in Gemini fills us with wonder about the world. Go forth and mingle with a new crew, dabble in cultural activities, and explore new hometown haunts since Mercury in Gemini heats up action on the local scene. The crafters and makers on planet Earth will be blessed by this tactile Mercury phase. Get hands on! Writers, teachers and media makers too—sharing information and ideas is what Mercury in Gemini loves. Unfortunately, this quicksilver energy won’t give us the longest attention spans. Our interests could change daily…hourly even…so committing to one thing might leave us claustrophobic and gasping for air.

Sunday’s full moon in Scorpio charges the air with mystery and seduction. A spring fever outbreak could become pandemic over the weekend. Meow! Intense attraction will be all consuming—but these very situations could take a dramatic turn. This full moon forms a tense square (90 degree angle) to attention-hungry Jupiter in Leo. What starts out as a dynamic spark could turn into a heated lovers’ quarrel, with all the Leo scene-making and Scorpio jealousy thrown in for good measure. (Watch for flying objects!) Reacting to our quick-fire emotions would be a bad idea this weekend—especially the ones on the list of Seven Deadly Sins. (Uh….lust?) But this lunar energy can push promising partnerships past their tipping point, too. The urge to merge will be stronger for many with playing-for-keeps Scorpio in the mix. Exciting partnerships could become “officially official” before the week is through.

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