Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for April 28th thru May 4th, 2014

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Talk is cheap, so how about some results already, people? It’s time to put that money where you mouth is, with help from the heavens. This Monday, April 28 heralds thesecond eclipse of the year. This one is a solar eclipse in pragmatic, productive Taurus. Since solar eclipses occur with new moons, consider it the start of a six-month cycle. Start applying elbow grease now and your efforts will bear fruit by the corresponding full moon in Taurus on November 6.


This eclipse could also galvanize the long-awaiting “tipping point,” where hard work of the past year-and-a-half really starts to give you some traction. That’s because it’s the final Taurus eclipse in a Scorpio-Taurus series that began in November 2012. There’s still one more in this batch…a solar eclipse in Scorpio on October 23. Still, there’s a sense that while you are indeed setting off on a new journey, you’ve been preparing to make this move for quite some time. Don’t waste time deliberating. If your heart and mind say yes, you have the green light to start putting one Choo in front of the other.

On Friday, May 2, love planet Venus blazes into Aries for four weeks calling in plenty of heat and passion! Happily-ever-after? Well, maybe. Venus’ cycle through the Ram’s realm can bring out the restless romantics in us—and our appetites may change by the hour. Forget about penning passionate love letters or pining for unrequited love. (You can save that for May 28, when the planet of amour decamps to Taurus.) Venus in Aries gives us the courage to just put it all out there in a wolf-whistling, street-urchin hissing, “Hey hottie, what’s your  name?” kinda way.  Single? Log in to Tinder and left-swipe anyone who catches your eye. There’s no guarantee this won’t be a love match, and Aries energy helps us all act on instinct. Coupled? Change up your bonding strategy, STAT. Finish up that Netflix series you’ve got in the queue, read one more Rumi poem, and that’s it. Then, take your relationship to the dance floor, rock-climbing gym, or hiking trails. Activity dates are what daredevil Aries desires—and pumped full of endorphins, your “old ball and chain” could start looking like a dead-sexy fireball once again.


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