Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for April 6th thru 12th, 2015

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The geeks shall inherit the earth! This Monday, April 6 the life-giving Sun and innovative Uranus team up at the same degree of revolutionary Aries. These two heavenly bodies have a once-a-year date, which is sort of like a celestial brainstorming session between Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison. The combined powers of the Sun and Uranus can get the wheels of genius in motion. Here on planet Earth, nothing is too far-fetched to explore (in discussion at least). Go wild with the mind maps and whiteboard scrawls. With the Sun’s can-do confidence, the development and production phase may swiftly follow the ideation process. Uranus governs social change, humanitarian efforts and technology, making this a powerful week to tap into digital resources. But innovators should also consider these surprising words from Mr. Jobs himself: “Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.”


Another reason to roll the dice on our big ideas? On Wednesday, enterprising Jupiter rouses from a four month retrograde in Leo, blessing us all with just a little more luck than we’ve had in a while. Jupiter’s backspin began on December 8, 2014, taming some of the wilder plans we’d been developing since it first entered the lion’s den last July 16. With just a little more wisdom and common sense now under our belts, we can dive back into these daring missions. Leo energy is passionate, flamboyant and utterly romantic. As the pilot light for larger-than-life Jupiter until this coming August, it’s time to turn up the volume on all that we do. But not so much that we drown out the other superstars in the room. Sometimes the best way to shine is to illuminate the light in others.

Take some time out during the workweek for cuddling, canoodling, and communicating clearly about your more practical desires. Venus lingers in slow and sensual Taurus until Saturday, helping us luxuriate in love and affection. But everything changes this weekend, when la love planet zips into quicksilver Gemini until May 7. Spring fever…or a case of amorous ADD? This flirty and impulsive Venus cycle shortens our attention spans and leaves us craving more adventure and newness. Why not “taste the rainbow” before settling on a favorite flavor? If a round of right-swiping isn’t your thing, Gemini governs local activity. You never know who might be hanging out at the neighborhood hotspots. Already smitten? Give that Netflix queue a rest and get out for some playdates, cultural events, road trips and socializing as a couple. Variety is the sexiest spice!

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