Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for April 7th thru 13th, 2014

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Tell them how you really feel, people. This Monday, April 7, expressive Mercury changes signs, moving into candid, impulsive Aries for two weeks. Though we won’t be long on sensitivity, Mercury in Aries cuts through the crap, giving us the courage to blurt out our truths. Got a message to get out to the world? Break it down to bullet points. Everyone’s got a case of ADD so why waste breath on a long diatribe if it will be tuned out anyway? Light up the Twitterverse: those 140 characters will make the biggest impact between now and April 23.

On Tuesday, draw your sword—or at least put your shield up. The expressive Sun in Aries and fierce warrior Mars (currently touring Libra) lock into their annual showdown, sitting opposite one another in the skies. This combative transit forces us to deal directly with conflict. Since Mars has been retrograde (in reverse) since March 1, these conflicts have likely been stepped over or swept under the rug for the past month. While we’re not recommending you come to fisticuffs or channel your inner Viking, let the peaceful warrior within take the helm. For best results, may we recommend speaking in “I language” instead of the accusatory “you.” For example, “I felt hurt when you said X,” has a much more proactive ring to it than, “I can’t believe you had the nerve to say that to me!” Capisce?Although the Sun-Mars opposition is strongest on Tuesday, its effect lingers on until Friday. Which gives us all plenty of time to write a scorching letter, burn it and revamp into a kinder, gentler second draft. Don’t mince words, but don’t use them like a machete.

On Friday and Saturday, the love goggles descend over our eyes. Dreamy Neptune and ardent Venus align at the same degree both days—a once a year heart-to-heart that brings a fairy-tale quality to our romantic interactions. While it’s easy to get swept away, we could also get sucked into a charming player’s undertow. Enjoy the sweet escape these days bring—not to mention the divinely inspired creativity—but do keep a foot planted in the reality zone too! This is a fine time for mending fences, smoothing over the rough patches of the Sun-Mars opposition, and extending an olive branch along with a gorgeously arranged bouquet of flowers.

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