Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for August 10th thru 16th, 2015

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Raise your hand if you’re ready to dial down the drama…a couple decibels, at least. On Tuesday, August 11 Jupiter leaves flamboyant, theatrical Leo and heads into grounded, sensible Virgo for a year-plus voyage. Jupiter is the cosmic supersizer: whatever he touches, he expands. He teaches us to be bold and take risks—and to learn big, sloppy lessons if we fall on our faces! Since July 16, 2014, Jupiter has been stoking fires in the lion’s den, amping up our creativity and bringing some royal characters to the world stage. We heart you (Gemini) Amy Schumer! And welcome back #unapologeticbitch (and Leo) Madonna! Unbridled self-expression? Hello, (Scorpio) Caitlin Jenner. Bids for attention and ploys for domination: May we direct you to the headline news? Jupiter in Leo has brought quite the showcase. And it’s been a stellar time for fashion, music, theater and the arts. Romance has been storied while Jupiter’s been in Leo, whether the script read like a fairy tale or a Harlequin novel. Leo rules true love and with all-inclusive Jupiter in the mix, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized marriage for everyone. Yes, the past thirteen months have brought some dramatic and exhilarating developments. And now we could use a chance to catch our breath!


Enter Jupiter in Virgo, tossing earth into the equation to tamp down Leo’s flames. From Tuesday until September 9, 2016, the house lights turn on and common sense reigns supreme. Simplify. Systematize. Organize. After a people-focused year, our attention turns to our processes—and how they affect the planet. Climate change is an undeniable issue the world is facing, and global ambassador Jupiter throws a giant spotlight here. As astronomer Carl Sagan once said, “Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.” Our human will to beat the odds will require cooperation with nature. (Where ARE all those plastic water bottles going, anyway…? The truth Integrity. Responsibility. Sustainability. These are the keywords of the coming thirteen months. Jupiter in Virgo wags a finger at the culture of excess. No, this won’t be a balls-to-the-wall rager of a good time; in fact, Jupiter is “in detriment” in Virgo, meaning it’s slogging through perhaps its least favorite shift. The celestial hedonist is doing community service to repent for his overindulgent ways. We just can’t act selfishly on every whim after Tuesday.


But is this a bad thing? Absolutely not. Adopting a more mindful approach to life while Jupiter is in Virgo imbues us with a sense of personal power; a connection to the pulse of Mother Nature and the cycles of the seasons. We ARE a part of this ecosystem, too…remember those roots! (Literally AND figuratively.) We could draw some inspo from New Yorker Colin Beavan’s film No Impact Man which documents his family’s efforts to spend one year making as little an impact as possible on the environment: no electricity, automated transportation or non-local food! It’s official: Green is the new black until September 2016. Virgo governs digestion so that rule extends to our palates. Bring on the organic produce and kale smoothies. Plant and grow food and put more greenery around your home. Vote with your dollar, opting for sustainably crafted goods that also support local business owners and keep the neighborhood economy thriving. As we put down our selfie sticks (Leo) and embrace this simpler way of life (Virgo), serenity could set in. We’ll be more present with the people in our midst; less worried about attracting a million random followers. We’ll find joy in being of service to our fellow humans instead of competing to be the biggest superstars. It’s downright old-fashioned! But this wrinkle in time might just buy us another era on Planet Earth. PS: Thelast time Jupiter orbited through The Haus Of Virgo was August 27, 2003 to September 24, 2004. Look back to that period of time for recurring life themes.

And fear not—there’s still some fun to be had! This Friday, August 14 there will be a new moon in Leo. If you’re having trouble tapping into your fierceness, la luna brings a lovely confidence boost. This is a powerful time to initiate projects, dive back into the dating pool, or rev up romance with a new interest or long-term love. Ready to refresh your image? Call in wardrobe and styling and splurge a little on the pampering process. (Hey, this might be your first Jupiter in Virgo opportunity to vote with your dollar and choose designers with sustainable production practices!) First impressions can leave an indelible impression: How do you want to shine in the world? This new moon flips on your self-expression switch. How about going retro? Venus retrograde is hovering at a close degree to the new moon, nudging us to search our own archives for inspiration. That box of 90s clothes in deep storage could be a treasure trove of vintage goodies! Unfinished creative projects could get a second life. Maybe the time is finally right to revive those sidelined ideas.

On Saturday, Venus retrograde will meet the Sun at the same degree of Leo, making it impossible to hold in our buried feelings. Sentiments we’ve stuffed down could flow out in an unfiltered rush. It’s as if that last little bit of drama just won’t die. Because Venus is in a signal scrambling retrograde, however, our missives could miss the mark. We’d be wise to practice our diatribes with friends first…JUST to make sure the conversations are constructive in the end!

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