Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for August 11th thru 17th, 2014

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All the world is a runway show this week. On Tuesday, August 12, celestial stylista Venus heads into Leo for three weeks, daring us to be unconventional. Until September 5, take a walk on the wild, outré and bespoke side of the runway. Letting our hair down in love is a cosmic command too, especially since the bold Sun and risk-taker Jupiter are also in Leo all week. Passion could reach a fever pitch before the week is through, so we might have to dial down the drama a bit.



Fortunately, expressive Mercury (which is also in Leo for the first half of the week) moves into modest Virgo from Friday, August 15 until September 2. Grab the glue gun and the labelmaker. Sorting, filing and creating beautiful organizational schemes is what Mercury in Virgo loves most. As Virgo is the sign that governs healthy routines, our summertime hedonism could come to an early ending. Then again, why deprive? Just slice those berries, peaches and watermelon wedges into decadent juices and smoothies instead. Make more time for movement: lap swims, early AM jogs on the beach and sweet, summer bike rides.



Sunday’s quarter moon in Taurus sounds the call for self-worth. This balancing energy gives us a moment to take stock of our lives. Are we being properly valued for our time and energy? If not, it’s time to negotiate new terms and agreements. Have we been speaking up for our principles or staying silent in an effort to be polite? Taurus governs the throat and this quarter moon can help us voice our honest feelings. On the flip side, the moon may illuminate ways in which we’ve been overly stubborn or myopic. Where energy is stuck or situations stalled, we probably need to lighten up a little and be more flexible.

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