Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for August 17th thru 23rd, 2015

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The show must go on! Well, for one more week, at least. The Sun is winding down its annual tour through glamorous, theatrical Leo before moving on to Virgo this Sunday, August 23. Step right up, folks! This week’s theatric genre is “romantic dramedy” since retrograde Venus is rolling in close proximity to the Sun. (Leos Jennifer Lawrence and Lopez, wherefore art thou?) Hidden emotions will be illuminated under this cosmic coupling—ones we may have buried or attempted to hide from the world. Who knew we had so many feelings bubbling below the surface? But like a giant spotlight, the Sun will reveal their presence. Not that this is a bad thing. Even while in retrograde, Venus’ vibes tend to be gentle, beautiful and loving. If anything, we might just realize that, yes—we DO care! Profoundly and deeply. And that can get a little scary sometimes. But with Venus retrograde until September 6, heed the expression, “fools rush in.” There’s no need for jumping into action just because our hearts skip a beat. And with the Sun forming a tricky square to stern Saturn in seductive Scorpio this Friday, hopping into the sack would be ill-advised—yes, even if the bodice-ripping fantasies are rolling on autoplay through our imaginations! Willpower, people, willpower. Just for now.


Dig deeper creatively, too! Venus is the governess of art and beauty, but in retrograde mode, she won’t be satisfied with eye or ear candy. Style doesn’t have to be superficial—not if there’s a story behind it. Curating our wardrobes can be an illuminating journey through historical timelines, meaningful totems and talismans, and even family history if we’re taking a dive in grandma’s attic. Idle chatter and bubblegum pop begone! What we say and play—in conversation or on our Bluetooth headphones—should have heart and meaning while Venus is rolling through the retrograde until September 6.

Warning: Friday could bring some fierce power struggles when the Leo Sun forms a clashing square with staunch Saturn in Scorpio. Daenerys Targaryen is that you? (#Dracarys!) The vibes could go Game Of Thrones quickly if we try to dominate or manipulate. While the Sun in Leo brings swagger and ego, Saturn in Scorpio can make us prone to secrecy and subterfuge. Suffice it to say, neither extreme will bring rewarding results near the weekend. The best way to navigate this? Step out of the ring and play the game with honor (the Sun) and integrity (Saturn). While this could slow progress temporarily, at least we’ll make it to the finish line with our self-respect intact.


Speaking of doing things by the books, the Sun switches signs this Sunday, blazing into brainy Virgo’s domain until September 23. After a month of neon-bright hedonism and global excess, we’re ready to boil it all back down to basics. Embrace the power of purity, sustainability and simplicity. Get organized, set up savvy systems and make it all simpler with clever lifehacks. With the Sun in Virgo, minimalism reigns supreme. But that doesn’t have to equate with blandness or boredom. Virgo energy is both bohemian and sophisticated—uh, “bophisticated,” if you will. How goods are produced is as important as how they look with the Sun in this service-oriented sign. Skip the sweatshop specials (yeah, even if they’re dirt cheap) and support brands with ethical practices and production. Virgo-time is all about healthy living, too. Squeeze some al fresco exercise into these last days of summer. Bike rides to the beach, yoga in the park, lap swims in the saltwater pool—fresh air does the body good. Go green! With earthy Virgo ruling the skies, it’s time to enjoy the summer harvest of fresh produce—the closer to locally grown, the better.

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