Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for August 18th thru 24th, 2014

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Next stop: The Copacabana? Music and passion are seriously in fashion this summer as planets have successively piled up in Leo. Since July 16th, we’ve seen Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and Venus all visit the lion’s den. This week, however, the Sun and Mercury will wind down their 2014 tour of Leo, so carpe diem! Declare your love on the Jumbotron, sign up for singing lessons with a raved-about coach or kick up your red-painted heels at an A-lister affair…and maybe kick them off to get in one more hour on the dance floor. But first…

This Monday, August 18, enchanting Venus and expansive Jupiter will meet up at the same degree of Leo supersizing our feelings. Bring on the epic warm fuzzies and bodice-ripping makeout sessions! The emotion ocean could sweep us up in its current, leaving us awash in romantic vibes. And how about a little world peace already, people? Diplomatic Venus and worldly Jupiter combining forces could herald some much-needed ceasefires. If the feuds are happing on the personal battleground, this planetary pair can help us wave the white flag or walk away before things get ugly.


On Thursday, there’s more sweet, soulful energy for the world to employ. The nurturing Cancer moon will marshal into a lucky triangle (trine) with dedicated Mars in Scorpio and compassionate Neptune in Pisces. This water trine can bring major movement on the relationship front. We’ll all be more willing to listen and consider another person’s perspective. Sweet relief!


On Saturday, the Sun will head into Virgo, the sign of efficiency, order and routine until September 22. Celebration, interrupted? Well, yes, but it’s for the best. All that Leo passion and hedonism can’t go on unbridled forever. As the summer slowly winds down, brainy Virgo puts us into a back-to-school headspace again. If we aren’t shopping for animal print sweaters, paper-bag-waist jeans and cute desktop supplies, open up the notebook app and start that list of September staples to acquire. Virgo is all about healthy living too, so squeeze some al fresco exercise into these last days of summer. Bike ride to the beach, anyone?

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