Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for August 25th thru 31st, 2014

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Bless this mess? No, we don’t think so. It’s clean up time, kids. This Monday, August 25, the new moon in Virgo brings some much-needed order to our courts. Systematize, organize, and then, be energized. A decluttering mission shall set you free. This new moon understands the power of efficiency! This the perfect week to tackle that basement organization project, build those bookshelves and whip our lives into back-to-school appropriate order. Virgo governs natural health so under this lunar spell mix in that crop of summer produce and get an early start on your fall fitness plan.

On Tuesday, impatient Mars and take-it-slow Saturn meet for a totally awkward playdate at the same degree of Scorpio. The effect is a bit like gunning the gas (Mars) and slamming on the brakes (Saturn) at the same time. We might feel as if our progress is stalled or losing momentum. But don’t stress if you hit a speed bump. This is not the week to race ahead without a solid plan in place. Use the Mars-Saturn merger to pop the hood and give those big ideas a tune-up. Make sure everything is really running like a well-oiled machine. Since both signs are in secretive Scorpio, we might do our best work behind the scenes this week. But being overly esoteric could provoke people’s tempers or cause meltdowns within groups. Make a point of communicating along the way.


On Friday, there’s more subterfuge to deal with when elusive Neptune gets into a face-off with the cocky Sun. Identity crisis, anyone? Or maybe even an ill-begotten ego trip. We may become so concerned with projecting an image that we lose touch with our genuine selves. Take off those masks, people, and stay out of the cool-factor competitions. Vulnerability can be endearing after all! On the flip side, this Sun-Neptune opposition can make us prone to downplaying our skills. Self-doubt could creep in, causing us to assign more power to other people than they truly deserve. Don’t hoist another human onto the pedestal or you could wind up disappointed. And hold off on making any major decisions about people until the smoke clears early next week. The illusory powers of this transit make it hard to see anyone, much less ourselves, for who they truly are.

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