Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for August 31st thru September 6th, 2015

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Welcome to the hall of mirrors! This Monday, August 31 the ego-driven Sun faces off with master-of-illusions Neptune for their annual opposition. Hello, identity crisis! It’s going to be hard to see ourselves clearly in the first half of the week. Expect old fears and insecurities to bubble up along with a parallel wave of narcissism and grandiosity. Oh, the highs and the lows! But we WILL catch flashes of our deepest desires—ones we might consider a little embarrassing or taboo. These can bubble up out of the blue. Tip: Try not to judge yourself for your mere thoughts. Actions are a different story. Should we go forth and experiment with these excavated aspects ourselves? In a word: Maybe. Under Neptune’s boundary-blurring influence—swilled with the Sun’s swagger—we could throw ourselves a little too far outside our own comfort zones and wind up drowning in a sea of regret. Go easy on the social lubricants early this week to keep judgment clear. Take 24 hours to mull over any “indecent proposals” before giving an answer. On the flip side, don’t be so quick to turn down a new experience, either. The Sun-Neptune opposition can write a liberating permission slip, freeing us to explore our soul’s desires. Is it a passion or peer pressure though? We might not know for sure until the weekend. Meditate, ruminate, and then maybe, just maybe…participate?


The rollercoaster of love could rival a Six Flags thrill ride this week, too. On Tuesday, September 1 lusty Mars and cosmic coquette Venus make their second of three exact meetups in 2015. The first was on February 20, when the pair sizzled together in Aries. This week, they’re following up in fellow fire sign Leo, reviving the embers of that late winter blaze. When Venus and Mars meet in the skies, it’s generally a good omen for love. Our powers of attraction are stronger than ever and we can merge our emotions with our erotic desires. Yep, there’s going to be some sweet, sweet lovin’ going down this week…with one caveat: Venus is still retrograde until Sunday, a backspin that began on July 25. Is it true love…or an ephemeral, end-of-summer romance? Discerning a fling from the real thing could be a bit of a mind**** this week. While passion could reach some pretty breathtaking highs, we could also plummet into a dramatic abyss. Expect feelings to run from fire to ice then back again. And with both signs in “me, me, me” Leo, we could witness some self-indulgent, demanding and divalike antics—or fall prey to them ourselves. Remember, people: Love is a two-way street. So if there’s too much taking and not enough giving, this is the week to make the necessary course-corrections. On a positive note, the Mars-Venus retrograde meetup can actually wake us up to the good thing standing right in front of our faces. Couples may have that long-overdue lovers’ quarrel that melts the ice and brings some epic makeup sex! And when Venus resumes direct motion on Sunday, the smoke begins to clear. Happy news: Venus lingers in Leo until October 8, giving us a month to sift through the rubble and bring back the love.


You say you want an evolution? Saturday’s starmap brings some much-needed illumination. Phew! That day, the Virgo Sun flows into a healing trine (harmonious 120 degree angle) with transformational Pluto in Capricorn, helping us glean the golden lessons of this week’s angst. While Pluto is the ruler of the underworld—and our own chambers of secrets—this healthy alliance with the Sun clears away shame and confusion over our hidden desires. We can own our “dark sides” without compulsively acting on them, and regain power over our shadows. A Sun-Pluto trine can be downright supernatural, in fact! Expect divine synchronicities, can’t-make-this-s***-up coincidences and the ability to read people’s minds. This spiritually awakening transit can also turn us to our highest good, summoning in support from guardian angels and guides. While we may never be able to explain the events of the weekend, they may leave us less skeptical about the mystical forces powering the universe.

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